// Photography: Jeff Wolfe //

Goddamn complex secret
arraignments in head.

No plan to answer questions
much, much later they may occur.
Joyful panic lay flat in gut -
too much time and perplexity.

Dead ringing swells
stand close to heaven’s gate
and scream.

Dash fast to create
a whirlwind.
Stand my ground
convincingly for a moment.

A memory made
to remember, once in awhile.
Bewildered night that spun
off on it’s own – tongue,
spoke many lessons
delightful 3am breeze.
Ascend the staircase
starved for thought.

Her sun dress waves against
the sky.
Misfits in color
stars shoot across eyes
feet lose their control.

The fate of the rooftops
secured on sight.
The moon made it a dance floor.
A little peace to spread
play it for broke.

Unlikely character carries on
tone of voice replete,
words carelessly interlock urgency.
Invisible boy, free to make faces
of all possible identities –
elections will be held
current masks make due.

All eyes look the right way.
Try to make it ‘til dawn alone.
These forbidden transactions
leave the air
bump around a room,
use shoulders for support
ear to ear smile spreads.

Fall into a corner
w/ a book held together w/ tape
and 20,000 words disguised as you
are inside.

Truth finally beaten out
of this crowd –

so I run for the exit.
On the street below,
a back seat riot takes place.

Transit too far
purposely on long roads
so as to better
understand them.

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