Zine Transmission #3

Secret Transmissions zine #3 features a short fantasy/sci-fi story entitled, The Disclosure of Alex Starchild, that deals with secret government experiments to engineer futuristic super soldiers. Partly inspired by Project Stargate and other CIA ops into ESP and occult technology, I also draw from my fascination with telekinesis and the notion of Star Seed children.Art collages showcase the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Necronomicon, The Process Church of the Final Judgement as well as Cthulhu's 2016 run for President of the United States.    


  1. Hello. Awesome zine work. Are you open to trades? Here is my work: www.dsquared.org/store.html

    1. Hey man. Thanks so much for checking it out. I actually don't have any copies to trade at this time. Your work is very cool though.


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