Demonati Pact, a screenplay (Part III)

(To read Part I first, click here, and Part II, here)


NURSE looking over a clipboard. She is seated alongside the bed.

So Wes, how are you feeling?

(extremely groggy)
Uuuhhh. I’m not sure. Not really sure
what happened. I guess I was having a
bad headache and then I must have gotten
light-headed. I’m not sure.

Have you eaten today? Get enough rest
last night?

You know, I’m not sure. Maybe I haven’t
eaten anything. That could be it.

Well, you’re free to stay here and rest
as long as you need. Make sure to get your
fill of nutrients and proper rest to keep
your body in the right balance. Looks like
you may have fainted from dehydration.
Try to take better care of yourself, ok?
(a pause to observe him)
Alright, you let us know if you need anything.

Ok. Thank you. I will.

AUDIO: Ambient crowd noise from the busy diner.

Medium shot on WES seated alone in a booth. A plate of food
is half-eaten on the table. He appears in a trance holding
a sandwich, unable to bring himself to finish it. Camera
holds uncomfortably on him for one to two minutes.

Servers come and go across the frame. All appears normal
but the scene builds an uneasiness, as we observe WES,
trapped in his mind. Abruptly, his eyes shoot off into the
distance as if on something very specific. His eyes are
locked in place at the unknown occurrence.

AUDIO: Ambient traffic and pedestrian noise.

Wide shot from the other side of the street. People are
walking in either direction. WES is seen standing with the
HOODED STRANGER. The camera does not see the face of the

WES takes something in his hand and places it in his pants
pocket. The HOODED STRANGER immediately walks away, even as
WES turns to speak to him further.

WES tosses his hands up at his side in a despairing
gesture. He looks to the ground and then begins to walk
away too.

Low angle on WES, with his back against the brick building
wall. He has a vial in his hand. His face shows mournful emotion.
A loud noise is heard from somewhere close. 

WES is startled, looking distantly off camera.
He drinks down the vial. Springing off the wall, he paces
back and forth in the alleyway several times. He pushes his
hair back with his hands and lets the hands rest atop his
head. After breathing deeply a few breathes, he exists the
alley purposefully.

WES walks briskly down the sidewalk. His eyes peer all
around in the darkness, looking for someone. He sees a
group of THREE WOMEN walking together and laughing. Next,
across the street, he spots a VAGRANT pushing a shopping
chart. He keeps moving.

Camera follows him from behind, cinéma vérité style. He’s

stalking. He locks onto a MAN, mid-thirties, alone. They
are approximately 100 yards apart.

The camera continues to follow WES over the shoulder as he
picks up his pace and begins to close the distance. The MAN
out in front appears larger and larger in the frame. We
hear WES’s heavy breathing. 50 yards. 40 yards. 30 yards.
Hearing the shuffling coming from behind, the MAN turns
over his shoulder to see WES moving quickly towards him.

What the fuck?

The MAN begins senses the negative intention coming towards
him. He panics and starts running away.

Hey! Fuck you asshole!

The camera is now WES’s POV. There is a crane upward,
indicating a move off the ground.

The camera then pushes forward very rapidly, directly after
the running MAN. WES’s hands reach out into the camera
frame. They grab onto the MAN and they both crash into a
parked car along the curb.

Cut to a wide shoot of the street. They scramble to
recover. As the MAN stands up to run again, WES launches at
his leg, pulling him back to the pavement.

Get the fuck away!!! Please!!! No!!!

WES climbs up his back and clamps his left hand to the
MAN’s skull. The intense red color glows off of the hand as
it grips the skull tighter. An audible cracking of bone is
heard. The MAN screams out in agony, his body wreathing
unsuccessfully to break free.

The red emanation moves onto the MAN’s head as well as some
form of transference of energy takes place. The MAN’s body
shakes it’s death rattle as blood pours out onto the

WES appears to have gotten all he needs. As he begins to
move off the lifeless body underneath, he must wrestle his
vice-like grip away from the crushed head. When he finally
breaks free, the glow of the hand drains away. Looking down
at it, he sees the blood left over.

His arm trembles and reverberates from the energy. He
clenches his hand into a fist to stop the shaking. After a
few moments, it dissipates. He reviews the body laid across
the pavement in a pool of blood.

He spots OLD MAN across the street looking over at him. He
quickly turns away and hurries away from the scene. Cut
back to the OLD MAN in the distance, froze in place, his
mouth open.

AUDIO: Heavy breathing. Feet scraping across ground. Glass
breaking underfoot. Pops. Snaps. Water leaking. A tense
droning ambient score.

WES’s POV. Frantic camera movement through the ruins of a
large warehouse style building. There is almost no light
present. Industrial decay and massive debris is seen
faintly passing through the scene. We are taken from one
room to the next.

He climbs stairs, changes directions. Enters and exists
various rooms. Shadows seen could be anything. Camera
swings wildly from left to right and back. Continues
running. More stairs. He opens a door.

Enter onto the rooftop. Moonlight and stars reveal the
surrounding city skyline. Still in POV, he moves about the
rooftop, inspecting what there is to see. He comes to the
raised ledge and steps onto to it.

Camera pans down below into blackness, and back to ground
level. We see the next building over. Suddenly the camera
jumps through the air. The sound of wind rushes by. The
wind halts abruptly, as a loud thud brings WES’s body back
to the ground.

His feet appear in camera, legs bent from the impact. POV
looks up and around. WES’S panting lungs are being filled.

Choppy CU cuts, blurry and racking focus. WES’s face
cropped. An overhead fluorescent light. We get the sense
that WES is on the floor of a public bathroom stall. He’s
sweating and appears in a state of delirium, head swaying
to and fro. The white light is searing, his skin drained of
color. Camera gets a focus on WES. We glimpse his eyes to
see the pupils are completely black.

Cut to CU of water running in the bathroom sink. Hands move
under the stream. The water runs red into the drain. The
hands scrub themselves clean.

Lock-off shot. It’s sunrise and we see trees lining the
bottom frame. The upper frame captures a beautiful sky with
thin clouds turned half orange. Silhouetted birds make
their flights. Audio picks up the ambience of nature at

Camera makes a slow horizontal pan eventually revealing
downtown Detroit’s architectural skyline.

Reports coming in of a body found around
the mid-town area of Detroit. A white male,
possibly mid-30’s. It appears to be a
homicide. The body was badly mutilated but
we are yet to receive an official cause of
death. The body was discovered in the early
morning hours by an elderly female resident
of the city making her way to morning church
services. We will report more information
as we receive it.

Wide shot from behind JORDAN walking along the sidewalk,
smoking a cigarette. He makes a turn down a side-street.

Cut to medium shot to face him as he walks up steps to
enter an apartment building. He keeps the door open as he
takes a last drag of the cigarette before flicking it off camera.

Cut to profile on JORDAN at the door of WES’s apartment.
He knocks. There is no answer after a few moments. He grows
impatient and knocks harder.

Yo, man! Wes! Come on man. You in
there? What’s up?

Cut to an over-the-shoulder of JORDAN as the door cracks
open, to reveal a darkened room inside. A sliver of WES
peers out.

Hey, man. Damn, dark enough in there?
What’s going on? You got someone inside?
That’s why I haven’t seen you since the club.

(groggy with a scratchy voice)
…aahhh… yeah, man… I’m not sure what
happened… I think I had a bad trip this
time… not feeling to good…

Shit, man. You’re a mess. Maybe you
need to chill out for a minute. You
haven’t been to classes
either, have you?

No… I have to get back to normal… can’t
think straight… why don’t you call me in
a few days… I must have a bug or something…

Yeah. Alright. I sure as hell don’t want to
catch that if you do! Ok, then. I’m headed
out to campus then. I’ll catch up with you.
Fuck. Take it easy man. You’re looking like
the Crypt-Keeper.

…yeah… ok… see ya…

WES closes the door and locks both locks behind it. JORDAN
shrugs and shakes his head, then turns and walks off camera.

Wes closes his door and lays his head against it.

AUDIO: Smashing glass of the overhead light is heard

WES quickly turns around with his back turned to the door.
The room is dark but not pitch black. The shades are drawn
against the outside world.

Camera tilts up to the ceiling. A black form hovers above.

I am here. I’m anywhere I want to be.
At any moment. You see boy, I’ve already
been given my invitation. There’s a pact now.
And it must be honored.

No, no, no, no! This is gotta stop. I don’t
know what the fuck you are, or what this
shit is you’ve been feeding me but I’m done!
People are fucking dead and it’s that shit
that’s making it happen. It’s not me! I
couldn’t do that! It’s you!

Ha, ha, ha, ha! You’ve given up your
choice in the matter, don’t you see that?
You work for me now. What I want done,
will be done. I am your destiny.

(crumbling down to the floor)
I never wanted this! I never asked for
this! What the fuck are you? You’re not
human. What do you want from me anyway?
What kind of sick game is this? You get
off on making me kill?
Oh God, please help me!

God?!? Oh, poor boy, if he could, don’t
you think he would have by now? You’ve
been left to fend for yourself. I have my
own rules to obey. Free-will, is not of my
concern. There are forces other than a God.
What he can create, we can destroy. It is
our only say. And I, will have my say!

The HOODED STRANGER disappears from the ceiling and
reappears in a darkened corner of the room.

I won’t do it, I won’t. I don’t have
to listen to you! Get the fuck outta my
life. Go back to wherever you came from.

That’s just it, mortal. I will get off
this rock. With you as my ticket. You’ll
be my last. You’re actually doing something
quite wonderful. I’m so very sick of your
kind. Sniveling and weak. You’re becoming
an entity with strength and power. It’s a gift.

I don’t want your fucking gift! I want
to be normal again! This is some kind of

Maybe so, maybe so. But there’s still
more to be done. So I will leave you to
it. With… another gift.

The HOODED STRANGER leans down and sets down a vial on the
floor. As he rises upward, he disappears into himself. WES,
Cowering from the floor, sees the full vial sitting there.

This isn’t happening. You hear me?
This is over, I won’t do it again.
No more killing.

WES gets up and circles around the vial, keeping a
distance. He gets over to the closet. Rummaging around, he
eventually pulls out an extension cord. He emerges from the
closet and hurries out the door into the building hall.

With the cord in his hand, he looks down the hall left and
right. No one is to be seen. He charges down the hall to a
door and goes through it.

Cut to an overhead shot looking down a flight of stairs as
WES storms down them.

WES enters the empty laundry room. He grabs a sitting chair
and drags it underneath a overhead water pipe. Stepping up
on the chair, he begins to wrap the cord around the pipe
and creates a noose.

You think you can control me?
Make me play Your games? You can
find another fucking slave!

Finishing the noose tie, he slides his head through the
hole. He begins crying again.

I never meant for any of this to
happen. I Don’t know what else to
do… I’m so sorry.

WES kicks the chair away. Gravity pulls his body down and
he flails around, swinging back and forth violently
chocking. He hangs in agony for about a minute.

Suddenly, glowing red orbs appear in the room. They circle
around him rapidly. They move up to the cord. Spinning at
incredible speed around it, the cord snaps, sending WES
hurling to the floor.

He tries to crawl away from the orbs, but they simply

It will not end that easily. Now I
hope it is clear to you. There’s no
escape! You will finish this for me.
I will be freed. My debts will be paid.
It is only a matter of how long it shall
go on. Until you reach the end. Two have
been sacrificed so far. Seven is the magic
number. I said there are rules, I didn’t
say whose. This is what must be.

(wreathing deliriously across the floor)
Poison… poisoned me… you… sick poison…

Drink, drink the serum! Drink and
get on with our work. Set us both free.
It’s the only way to escape me.

WES is down on his back shaking his head, sobbing. In the
corner of his eye, he sees the vial, once again on the
floor. He pulls himself up to a sitting position. He stares
at the vial for a moment.

Then, with a shaky hand, he reaches out toward it. Visibly
not wanting to take it, he goes for it still.

Grabbing it, he manically screws the top off and drinks it
down. He then throws the vial, smashing against the wall.

Fuck me… fuck me…

SCORE: Dark symphonic instrumental

Tracking shot, following WES as he shuffles along the
sidewalk of a main road. He looks very ill with a ragged
appearance. It’s dark, with streetlamps and the moon as the
only light source.

Low angle shot, WES steps into frame.
He pauses at the library front entrance and peers upward at
the classical architecture of the building. He enters.

Camera follows WES into the library as he makes his way to
the main 1st floor. He is looking for someone. Walking
through the space, he peers down each aisle. He pauses and
breathes very heavily. He turns behind him.

The camera becomes his POV. The beautiful DARK-HAIRED GIRL
he had seen before, steps towards the elevator and presses
the call button. Camera holds on her until the elevator

doors open up and she steps in. For a moment as the doors
are closing, Her eyes come up and look as if they see WES
looking back at her.

Camera POV zooms in on the floor numbers, revealing that
the 3rd floor was chosen.

Cut to POV moving towards the elevator then off to a door
to the stairs. Cut to WES marching up the flights to the 3rd

Establishing shot of the floor with its many rows of
shelves. No one can be seen.

Camera in WES’s POV begins moving slowly, searching for the

Cut to GIRL innocently scanning book spines. Cut back to

WES POV, looking back and forth and up and down as he tries
to move stealthy toward her.

Back to a CU of her, as she pulls a book down. Pull back to
a medium as she turns the book over to read the backside.

Cut back to WES POV. The camera, looking through the slits
between rows of shelf, finds the DARK-HAIRED GIRL, 30 feet
away. After a brief pause, the camera moves towards her.

Cut to a wide overhead shot looking down on the floor plan.
The shot reveals the true distance between WES and the
GIRL. He stalks ever closer to her. She continues to move
slowly through the aisle. Her attention, completely on
finding her books. WES enters her aisle and steps toward
her. She looks up and sees him but quickly looks down.

Cut to medium shot. WES is right next to the GIRL. There is
a tense pause.

REVERSE – WES’S POV. His hand reaches out and brushes her
hair off her shoulder. She pulls away in fear. His hand
clenches the back of her neck. Books fall to the floor. She

It’s not my choice. He’s in control.
This isn’t right. I know it.

WES shoots his right hand over her mouth and the left goes
to her forehead. They tumble back into the bookshelf.
Wrestling her down to the floor, he applies maximum
pressure with the left hand and crushes her frontal skull.
Red waves of energy flow from her head and up into his arm
like a lightning bolt.

WES’S body trembles as if from a shockwave.

Cut to an overhead view, revealing a growing pool of blood
spreading across the floor. WES Lays down next to the dead


ECU on WES’S face as his eyes open up. We see his
face with blood pooled up to it. He begins to realize where
he is.

AUDIO: A door opening. Footsteps. Someone has entered the

WES springs up to a crouched position. He scans through the
shelf opening to see where the noise came from. Blood is on
the right side of his face, shirt and pants. He backs out
of the aisle to the parameter of the room.

From WES’S POV we see a COLLEGE GUY sitting at a study desk
in the center of the floor. The camera moves handheld up
behind him.

Cut to a REVERSE angle and we see WES bludgeon the COLLEGE
GUY from behind, knocking him to the floor.

WES is only interested in stripping the jacket off the
COLLEGE GUY. He peels off his shirt, uses it to wipe the
blood off his face and sticks it into the COLLEGE GUY’S
backpack. Throwing the backpack over his shoulder, he backs
away and slides out the exit door to the stairs.

We see WES briskly exit through the front door. No one is
there to see him.

HIGH ANGLE view, looking towards main road. WES enters the
alley, heading for the dumpster. He opens the dumpster and
throws the backpack into it.

AUDIO: Rustling of trash, a man’s voice.

We see a MAN in the shadows with a WOMAN on her knees
giving head.

WES sees this and walks towards the couple.

The MAN turns out to be a CITY COP. And the WOMAN has the
appearance of a PROSTITUTE.

Can’t you see what’s going on
here asshole? You might want to
move on along.

I’m the one. I’m the one you
Should be looking for.

Alright, shows over. This here’s
my girlfriend and she don’t like
to be watched.

CITY COP pulls away from the PROSTITUTE and zips up his
pants. The PROSTITUTE slides away.

The two dead men. Now there’s a
third. A young girl at the library.
Shouldn’t you be looking for me?

WES puts his arms out to his sides as walks closer to the

Okay, motherfucker, don’t move!

CITY COP pulls his gun. The PROSTITUTE makes a brake for it
down the alley.

You just stay right where you are.
Put those hands up in the air.

Up in the air? Sure, up in the air.

With superhuman ability, WES Flies up into the air towards
the building alongside them. CITY COP fires his weapon
twice but can’t track with the speed.

WES’S feet connect with the wall and he springs off it
towards the CITY COP. He plunges directly into him, sending
CITY COP onto his back. A struggle for the gun ensues. WES
is easily able to twist the gun away from him. The cop gets
several punches off on WES, to get free and on his feet.

Put that fucking gun down!

(his voice takes on a deep demonic tone)
That was your last trick, officer.
Hope she was better at her job
than you are. I’m here to do a
job too, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

The red orbs appear and swarm through the alley. CITY COP
tries to turn and run but is meet with the swirling orbs
cutting him off at the pass.

Never used one of these before.

WES looks at the gun and grabs the CITY COP from behind. He
pins the barrel to the back of his neck and fires. Blood
bursts threw the CITY COP’S throat as he falls to his
knees. His hands try to stop the flow but it’s no use.

WES drops the gun and crushes the CITY COP’S head with his
left hand, draining the life force through the brain.

Tossing the CITY COP’S corpse into a pile of rubbish, WES
feels the surge of energy throughout his body.
It begins to rain. CU on WES’S face, filled with intensity.

He begins to breath heavily. He looks entirely unlike
himself. We see a face of pure evil.

Cut to the street below as rain wets the pavement. WES’S
feet are at the edge of the frame. The feet walk out of


MONTAGE - CU’S of people’s faces, camera blurs, moving
traffic and light trails. The camera is being hand-held
through crowds of people on downtown city streets and



CU on WES, who is outside, face down on the ground. It’s
still raining.

Pull back to see him coming to at the foot of a freshly
covered grave site. He sits there for a moment. Then, a
thought occurs to him. He grabs a nearby flower pot and
empties it out.

He hurls onto the grave and starts furiously scooping away
the dirt with the flower pot.

TIME-LAPSE MONTAGE – Digging away dirt. Getting deeper and
deeper into the grave.

We see the grave uncovered, with WES 6 ft. down on the
casket. Breathing heavily, he yanks on the casket to get it
open. With some necessary maneuvering around, he is able to
pry open the casket enough to get his hand

We get a glimpse of the fresh male body inside. WES slides
his left hand towards the head of the body.

OVERHEAD – we see WES in a tense struggle. He appears to be
trying to extract the brain energy from the corpse. In
theory, to substitute for another still living brain. The
experiment fails.

Fuck! Ahhh, Fuck! Rrrrr.

WES breaks down and begins sobbing uncontrollably, sprawled
over the casket.

Camera pans straight up and away from the grave, holding on
a symmetrical framing with the rectangular open grave dead

Lock-off shot looking down over the alley. It’s sunrise.
Police vehicles are parked below. The alley is being
yellow-taped off. Detectives are performing a search of the
crime scene.

More bizarre murders last night
in the city. One girl, Ashley
Desmond, was found brutally murdered
on the 3rd floor of the city library.
A second body has been identified
as a Detroit police officer, found
in an alley. An investigation is still
underway, but initial evidence may
connect these two suspected murders with
two other murders that have taken place
within the last week. As of yet, no
witnesses or suspects have been
identified. The police are asking
anyone with information regarding any
of these homicides to come forward,
right away. Wow, guys. This is a little
scary. Unfortunately, we do report on
murders that occur but you know, the
violent nature of how these were done,
with no known motive, just makes your
skin crawl.


We see WES locking his apartment door. Just arriving home
after spending the night in the cemetery, he’s sweating and

He scurries over to his bed and slides in, head first. He
covers his head with a pillow, tightly.



Near darkness. Red orbs slowly pulsate. Hallucinatory
visuals appear and disappear. Images of the HOODED STRANGER
come into view. The red orbs fly all around.

We see several HOODED FIGURES in a candle-lit room. All the
HOODED FIGURES make a circle. Esoteric symbols can be seen
on the walls of the room.
The various symbols animate abstractly amongst a
disorienting visual montage.

Human brains are formed and smashed. Taken apart and
reassembled. A hammer smashes human skulls. 
The HOODED STRANGER comes at the camera
and reaches out to grab something. We get the feeling WES
is seeing himself being attacked.

REVERSE ANGLE – WES is being strangled by the HOODED
STRANGER while the rest of the HOODED FIGURES watch.

CU – The HOODED STRANGER’S skeletal hands are gripping
WES’s head. The pressure increases until his skull is
crushed and his eyeballs burst out.

WES springs up out of bed with a scream. Still filthy and
sweating, he looks like he’s been on a heavy drug binge.
We see the door to his apartment. A red glow pulses along
the crack between the floor and the door. It disappears.

WES crawls out of the bed towards a pile of books and
clothes. Searching around and under everything, a cell
phone is uncovered. Seated on the floor, he sees several
missed calls from JORDAN and one from his mother, JUDY.
Selecting his MOTHER, he presses the dial button.

Hello? Wes?

(weak, scratchy voice)
Mom… it’s Wes. I just wanted to call.

Well, that’s nice. Everything alright?
You don’t sound very well.

I’m fine. Ahhh. I think I am sick maybe.
I haven’t been feeling good, I guess.
This place might be getting to me.

Oh, Wesley. What is it? Are you not
making the right friends? Is it about Jamie?

No, no. I do have a good friend here.
I’m having trouble with sleep. It could
just be that I’m stressed out. I was sick
I missed some classes.

OK. I’ll bet you can make up the work.
Maybe you ought to come home for a
weekend and gets some good rest. I
hope you’re not falling into too much
drinking or staying out going to too
many parties. You know that sort of
thing will definitely make you feel not
like yourself.

WES wants to tell her everything. He wants to confess and
to give up. But he just can’t get the words out. He can’t
begin to describe what he’s done.

Maybe just a little. Maybe I should just
talk to a counselor on campus. I don’t
think now’s a good time to come back
home. Too much, going on. I need to get
caught up with everything. I don’t want
you to worry. I’ll figure everything out.
I’m just having a rough week is all.

Ok honey, you just let me know whatever
you need. I’ll be here for you. College
is a tough time. Lots of things changing. A lot
of pressure. But you’ll make it
through. I know you will.

Yeah, I’ll just find someone to
talk to here. Get some advice. I’ll
figure it out. I’ll come home soon
and visit. After the semester ends.
I’m going to head over to campus now.
Don’t worry, ok? Tell dad I said hi.

I will. Love you Wes.

Love you mom. Bye.

Goodbye son.


LOW ANGLE – WES walks across campus grounds. It’s an
overcast and ominous day.


(knocks on the door)
Professor Townly?

Oh, come on in. Office hours are about
over for me though. You’ve missed a
few classes. Here to find out what you missed?

It’s kind of about something else actually.
There’s a reason I haven’t been coming.
I was hoping maybe you could maybe
give me some information.

Before you say anything, I have to tell
you, I’m a teacher, not a practicing
psychologist. I can only speak to so
much. We do have staff here on campus,
if that’s what you really need.

I get all that. It’s just, you know,
you’ve talked about things that go beyond
just therapy type stuff. Look, I know you
can’t help me but I was hoping you could
point me to someone who can.

Maybe, maybe not. It all depends what
we’re talking about.

If someone was having… I don’t know,
Like walking blackouts, or feelings,
feelings that aren’t their own. Acting
out because of some influence.
(his speech begins to ramble)
This person, may have come into contact
With something unknown, that got power
over them. It may have been a ghost maybe,
or an angry spirit. They can’t sleep
anymore and have nightmares and can’t
remember things they’ve done, but it
might be bad!

Whoa, whoa, whoa there, son. Now, who
Are we talking about here? Are you trying
to tell me this is happening to you, is
that it?

It doesn’t matter who it is. I’m just
looking for someone who understands this
kind of thing. It feels like a type of
possession, an evil spirit. It’s more than
just, in the mind. The person is not crazy,
they don’t have schizophrenia or anything
like that. At least I don’t think.

You know, my first thing would be in
This type of situation, when a person
is suffering a kind of trauma of sorts,
is to recommend an evaluation with a
professor to be sure it’s not something
happening in the mind. The mind can do
some amazingly confusing things to
a person. Put all sorts of ideas there
that may or may not be real.

Look, this person and me, we don’t have
anyone to go to here. I’m just looking
for some books maybe. Somewhere, to get
the right books. That might have to do
with energies outside of the mind. This
isn’t something talking about is going
to help. This is beyond that. Mystical
or magical or something. I mean, you do
talk about that sort of thing sometimes,
right? It’s not always imagined. There
are outside forces that do things. That,
make things happen. I just want to know
what books are out there. Where you got your
books. To do some research. If it doesn’t
turn anything up… then… I’ll tell him to
go see a shrink or whatever. Talk to a
counselor. I just want to look into to
these, other ways of dealing with toxic
energies that are out there.

Ok, look Wes. This is pretty serious stuff
you’re talking about here. I’m going to give
you two things. Two contacts.
(writing down information on a paper at his
I’ll give you a name and address to a, um, a
bookstore in town that specializes in all
different kinds of esoteric and occult
research. Who knows, maybe they can point
you towards something that ties this all
together. But this other number here, this
is for a good therapist right here on
campus, that you… your friend, has to go
see. And, soon. You have to agree to that,
ok? I can’t let you go if you don’t agree
to that, ok? Is that a deal? Whatever this is about,
I want you to get it handled. It could
be that you friend is undergoing some
strain from anxiety or some family issues,
perhaps. A professional can help sort all
that out with some regular sessions.
(hands WES the paper.)
Then I want to see you back in class next
week. You can’t fall to much further behind
Before finals roll around. But, um, you know
if this… situation becomes more than you
can handle, the class can always be
retaken. My concern is for the well-being
of my students first and foremost. So,
get this behind you. You have good things
ahead of you, alright?

Yeah, I understand. I will. Thanks for
the connections. I didn’t know where else
to go. So thank you professor. Don’t worry
and please just keep this private, ok?
(gets up to leave)
I’ll be back in class as soon as I get this
sorted out, for sure. Goodbye professor.

Yes, you take care now Wes. Your friend,

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