Demonati Pact, a screenplay (Part IV)

(To read Part I first, click here, and Part IIhere, and Part III, here )

Establishing shot of the Mayflower Bookstore. A single
story building with a hand-painted sign (MAYFLOWER AQUARIAN
AGE RARE BOOKS GIFTS). Vines have over grown the exterior
brick walling.

We see WES approach the store and enter the doorway
underneath an awning.

AUDIO: Bell attached to the doorway clinks as it opens

The interior has an overcrowded claustrophobic feeling to
it. Books line every wall, nearly to the ceiling. Rows of
books take up much of the floor plan and books are stacked
in piles along the floor itself. Incense wafts through the
air. Crystals, Buddha statues, candles, etc., can be seen
all over. Every square inch is covered with esoteric

AUDIO: Sitar music
A middle-aged man named GLEN is walking the floors with a
dog trailing behind. He owns the store solely. He has a
mostly white beard and wears a black vest over a light blue
button down. Black hat, black jeans and black boots. Very
much looking like an old flower-child, astrologer. He
carries a stack of books under his arm to restock.

WES is soaking everything in. Wide-eyed, not sure where to
look. He slowly makes his way into the inner quarters.

Incense… I sold some to a kid that
looked like you about a week ago.
(Looks at WES deeply for a beat)
But that wasn’t you. He was drawn
to some quartz crystals. I told him
they would help with his schoolwork.
Did he tell you to come here?

Um, no, no.

Well, yeah, my name is Glen and I got
all the Osho you need. Just look around,
you’ll find him.

Actually, someone did tell me about
you. Or recommend me to you. A
professor from school. He teaches
psych. Professor Townley.

Ah-ha! A defector from his own craft!
(scanning through book shelves as he speaks.)
I do know of the kind. Happens everyday.
I should still carry some Jung. Freud’s
book on dreams is back along the wall.

It’s not psychology I’m after.
(steps right up alongside Glen)
I was hoping you could point me to…
maybe some stuff about hauntings or
demonology? Spirits?

I don’t carry LeVay if that’s who you’re
after. Not since when I first opened.
The 70’s was a different time, man.
That stuff’s not to be toyed with.
We’re about the light here. Nothing
but the light.

I really don’t know anything about
this stuff. I mean, I don’t want to toy
with it. It’s more like it’s toying with
me… and I just need to know why. Mainly,
how to make it stop.

(stops midway into shelving a book, turns to
glance at WES)
OK, OK. I get a prankster like you in here
From time to time. Want to have a little
fun with the book man, is that it? I’ve
heard it all before kid, trust me. I’ve
been doing this for 30 years.
You had me going for a moment with that
puppy look of yours. I can pick up on
frequencies very easily. I must be low
on fish oil.

Look, this is no joke. And I really have
nowhere else to go. Something bad has
gotten a hold of me and… I mean, if you
don’t have some kind of information that
might help, things could get worse.

So, the psych sent you to me, is that it?
(turns away and heads towards the next row
of shelves)
Oh, that’s rich. You tell him thank you for
me, won’t you? I think he has a better use
for you than I, don’t you think? If I
had a buck for every line people push in
this store, well, the store would be
pulling down a lot more dough.

(following after Glen)
OK, can we just pretend for a minute
that someone came in here who was
really being tormented by something.
And it was serious. Like this thing had
serious power over the person and could
make him do things. Bad things to people
for no reason. Or it is for a reason but
the person doesn’t know the reason. Just
that he thinks this thing, this demon
needs him to do what he’s doing for it.
So it can escape here, like this physical
place on earth. Like the guy is just being
used against his own will. He accidentally let
this thing in, took something from it and
now, he can’t get away from it. Like,
there’s a sick connection he has with it.

OK, kid. Look, sounds like you’ve already
been doing some reading. Too much reading.
What you need is some sleep probably.

No, he can enter dreams too. There was a
ritual happening and I was there. Like, as
a sacrifice. I think when he was alive he
was in some cult or something and they did
this and he’s still doing it. Except now
it’s through me!

(walking away)
Oh, shit, you know I may just close up

Early tonight.

Look, he wears a hood. He’s in all black.
I drank a serum he gave me. He pretended
to help me. I thought he was just a dealer.
But he knew everything about me. Once I
took it, it changed me. It gave me
the best high ever and I could do
things. Special things. I had powers
from it. So the next time I saw him
I took more. That’s when it changed.
I changed. I blacked-out or something.
When I come out of it, I feel a power.
There’s blood and I don’t know where
I’ve been.

Now you’ve done it. You’re freaking me
the fuck out. And that’s hard to do.
I’m gonna have to ask you to leave now.
Really, I can’t help you. Your teacher was wrong.

If you had a chance to help, wouldn’t you
want to do that? Isn’t that what you do?

This stuff, that you’re talking about,
if it were true it would be extremely
powerful. Very powerful. Most of the time
these things can be explained by pure mental
psychosis, nothing more, a figment of the
imagination, created to cope with a
fragmented mind!

I am not imagining this!

Come here. Stand right here.
(motions to a spot 10 yards in front of himself)

WES moves to the place as directed. GLEN begins starring
right at him. He begins scanning over WES, with his eyes.

GLEN walks slowly towards WES and reaches his hands outward
toward him and rests them on his shoulders.
He presses his hands on the shoulders and places his
forehead to WES’S forehead. Holding there for a moment he
suddenly jerks and stumbles backward.

Whoa, momma. Whoa, baby.

What? What was it? You felt it,
didn’t you? You saw it? Right?
I’m not crazy.
The dog whimpers and runs off with it’s tail between it’s

(speaking to himself)
This is full-on oppression stage.
Way beyond infestation.
(speaking back to WES)
Did you sign a book? Did you sign
your name?

Sign my name? What? No. What book?

The Book of Death. That’s good if you
didn’t sign it. But you took an offering.
That could be just as bad. That could
form an implicit pact.

So now you see? I’m not making this up.
So if it uses me to kill, to make sacrifices
for it, does that mean it was me, or was
it really responsible?

No, you’re not lying. No, sir. This is real.
I couldn’t get a base sensory from you
until I really deep scanned. It’s good.
Very tricky.

What does this mean? Can anything be
done to get rid of it? What did I do, for
this to happen?

GLEN darts off to a bookshelf and starts riffling through a stack.

Do… well. This thing starts in on a
weakness. It wants energy. Feeds off it.
And once you’re scared, it feeds of the
fear. Grows stronger. Drains you till
you’re dry.

GLEN keeps tossing around books. Moves over to another pile
and inspects the spines.

It said something about getting to the
number seven. That I killed two and it
wouldn’t be over until I killed seven.
ROB looks up at WES with shock in his eyes.

Two? Oh, fuck. We may be beyond oppression.
This is true possession. All the way inside
you. It wants seven?
This must be a demonic debt
it’s working off through you.

Demonic debt?

(Speaking in a very excited manner)
A debt to a higher-level demon. This is
Some lieutenant. A proxy demon. Still
very powerful and evil. Bad fucking evil.
This serum he gave you - by you drinking
that, this thing gained entrance onto your
soul. Punched right through your aura. It
latched right on. They pray on the weak,
the vulnerable. They find a way into this
world to cause chaos, pain, destruction.
This one has a mission. If it has a number
to reach, it has to be working off a debt.
To reach a higher level maybe, in the

It may be up to four now.

Four dead? That’s four sacrifices.
It’s going to working over-drive from
here on out, matter of fact, I’m truly
surprised it let you in here at all.
Being so close to the finality.
Look, I may not be able to banish this
thing. I haven’t seen something this
incarnate… well ever to be honest.
No, no, no. Really low-level stuff,
sure. At the infestation stage.
never this far along.

What do you mean, stage?

There’s three classic stages of demonic
attachment. Infestation, oppression and
then, well possession. Complete control
of your mind and actions when it wants
to be.

It’s just when I drink the serum. That’s
when I lose control.

That’s a little different. Must be a
part of the pact he has with you. See,
it gets legal rights to you the moment
you fall to weakness. Let me guess,
drugs? Drinking? Self-mutilation?

Yeah, sure I drank and got high. Doesn’t
everyone?! I mean, I never heard of this
happening. Ever!

Look, it found you. Somehow, someway.
It like what it saw and it had an opening.
It’s going to be a bitch to get rid of it
now. Normally it could take years for an
entity to get this deep into you were it
can act through you. This thing wants
out of it’s debt in a major way.

(bursts into tears and panic)
What the fuck am I going to do?!

Alright, alright.
(goes to him with a hand on the shoulder)
Try to relax. I need some time to
think. To find the right ritual that might
be able to deal with this sucker.
I would advise you stay here for
the time being. You need to be under
lock and key until we can perform a
healing ceremony. You’re not safe on
your own.

No fucking shit.

I have a friend. She should really be
involved. She’s a true healer, has the
gift of discernment. I know she’s handled
real cases like yours.
Look, who do you know? Who are you
close with? Does anyone know about
this? We need some clear energy here.
Someone, who loves you purely. A friend?
A girlfriend?

No one knows. I just have Jordan.
He’s my best friend. He knows something
is up, I’ve been dodging him for days.

He should be here too. As soon as he
can. When this thing tries to re-enter
it could get ugly. We need someone close
to you, that can channel some pure cosmic

GLEN quickly shuffles to the front entrance and locks the
door and flips the open sign to closed.

You should get some sleep. I’m
in for a long night here.



Darkness. We can see a wooded setting from an angle looking

CU a hand drawing a circle on into the dirt with a stick.
Flashes of cloaked faces in a series, moving toward the camera.

CU of naked woman’s legs on a sheet.

A HOODED MAN is kneeling on his knees with his hands held out.

CU blood dripping onto the ground, inside what looks like a sigil.

CU of fire burning up something.

A HOODED FIGURE holding open a leather-bound book.

MEDIUM SHOT of a HOODED MAN seated with his head bowed
down. A hand holding a lit torch comes into frame and sets
the HOODED MAN on fire.

OVERHEAD SHOT revealing a large circle of HOODED FIGURES in
black, barley visible in the darkness. A fire burning at the center.

A HOODED MAN is holding a staff with an owl carving at the top.

We see GLEN seated on a leather chair reading a book.
He has a notebook at his side and several other books
are strewn about. He looks as if he has been up all night.

WES is laying asleep on another leather coach across from
GLEN. GLEN scrawls a few notes down as WES is coming to.
The bookstore has a dark red tone to it with the sunrise
coming through closed window curtains.

The presence got stronger all
throughout the night. How often
are you getting the urge? When do
you feel it drawing you to it?

WES is awake, barely comprehending what’s being said.

Ever couple days, I think. I
haven’t stopped feeling it really,
since it showed up.

We really don’t have much time then.
This an attached entity. To the extent
it’s been able to control you and take
command, it’s a strong fucker, no doubt.
It’s latched onto you and well, it’s using
you to get what it needs and when it does…
it’s possible his debt will be cast onto
you then. I’m not entirely sure but from
what I can piece together, this thing
was possibly human at one time. He was
probably involved in evoking evil spirits.
He most likely gave his soul up in a deal
to become a powerful demon. But to do that,
he needs sacrifices, he needs to amass power
to give over to whatever spirit he called
upon. Then, it can transcend being just a
minion and become a dark force in it’s own right.

That’s like the dream I had again last
night. A group of men. In the woods this
time. All wearing hoods. There was blood,
fire. One of them was carving something into
the dirt. A symbol or something. There was a
woman there I think. Naked.

(jotting down notes as WES speaks)
OK, OK, anything else? Faces?

No, no faces. It was too dark.
Someone had a book. The last thing
I remember is an owl. Like, a carving.
On a staff I think.

(contemplating to himself)
Very interesting, I must be close then.
See, it’s all starting to piece together.
Dr. Rita should be along anytime now.
She might be able to better interpret
all this information, symbolically.
OK, here’s something else to help me,
take me back to when you are under it’s
influence. Are you still all there?
Or is there no recollection?

When it happens, when I killed those
people, I’m seeing through his mind.
I can’t really explain it. But it was
taking something from the body, from
their heads. Always through the left hand.
Some energy getting sucked out of them.
And into me. The surge is unbelievable.
Each time its more intense. It’s like a
high. When it’s gone… I need more. I always
need more. It wouldn’t even let me kill myself.

It doesn’t want to let you go until
you’ve served his purpose. You’re
basically a collector for him. You’re
collecting energy, or souls or what have
you, and they’re going to this higher-level
dark force. The dark forces are what these
demons answer to. Who they really work for.
It’s important that we figure out the
demons name. Fast. If we can do that,
we might be able to perform a ceremony
against it. We have to break you free
of the demon. Sever the attachment.

Well, how the hell do we do that!?

That’s what I’ve been up all night
trying to sort out. I mean, there
are any number of cleansing rituals,
or ceremonies that can be attempted.
I need to go through a few more of
these texts to find a strong enough
ritual. Now, he presents himself to
you to offer the serum?

Yeah, so far, that’s how it works.
He appears to me. Only at night, though.

Right. Well, that means I can work
safely until then, try to put together
just the right banishment.

WES is staring off into space with a look of total

I’ve never done anything this heavy
before. Call your pal. Get him up to
I need more fucking coffee.

A time-lapse montage of activities taking place throughout
the morning into the afternoon.


An exterior view of the city and the rising sun in the
distance behind architecture.

GLEN pouring over various occult books.

WES on the phone behind the counter, talking to JORDAN.

CU of esoteric symbols inside ‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’.

DR. RITA driving her car across the highway.
A woman attempting to open the entrance of the Mayflower,
only to find it locked.

CU of an illustration of the Key of Solomon’s devil's trap.

Medium shot of WES laying on a sitting bench looking

GLEN walking through the bookstore reading from a book held
up to his face.

POLICE DETECTIVES looking over a wall of photos related to
the four recent homicides they believe may be connected.

JORDAN sitting on a stoop in front of his apartment,
smoking a cigarette.

OVERHEAD shot looking down on a table of open occult books
showing various spells and esoteric symbols. GLEN looks
over them all.

GLEN is huddled over a book at a table. WES is slumped in a
chair. A knock is heard at the entrance.

Will you grab that for me Wes? 
It should be the good doctor.

WES rises up from his lethargy and heads to the door, first
unlocking it, then opening it.

We see DR. RITA, a woman in her early-forties with dark
shoulder-length hair. She’s wearing a brown overcoat and
fairly formal clothing. Under her right arm is a black
leather carrying case.

She was expecting GLEN to answer the door and as such
displays a look of slight surprise, which turns quickly to
curiosity as she realizes who she is in fact looking at.

Well, hello there, my name is Rita.
(she shakes his hand intently,
making a reading)
You must be, Wes?

Yeah, hi. Come on in. Thanks for coming.

The doctor has arrived! Thank you
for joining us on such short notice.
We are in a bit of a bind.

(walking to GLEN and his work table)
Well, I have to say Glen, I’ve known
to be excitable at times but this sounds
like a legitimate, if not extraordinary
case. I do hope I can be of some help.

You will undoubtedly. Certainly you can
do no worse. I’m frankly a little out
of my bounds. You’ll be a perfect help.
(turns away from his work to look at her)
This can be added to the usual tab.

Certainly. With the understanding that,
whatever my findings and observations, I
will have the liberty to develop a written
report for the journals.
(turning to WES)
With the name substitution given to protect
Identities, of course. Can you agree to

Anything it takes to stop all this.
If I’m dead, it doesn’t matter anyway.

You have my word, I will do what I can.
I’ve been performing clearings for a long
time. But up front there’s no way to be
sure of the outcome until I understand
properly what it is we’re working with.

WES provides a sheepish nod of understanding to her.
DR. RITA sets her things down. Opening her bag, she pulls
out a notebook, pen and tape recorder.

What we think we’re working with is
a demon trying to elevate itself in the
underworld. A lower-level entity, working
it’s way up… or down the latter. Probably
a human who sold out for eternal power of
the dark side. It’s using our friend here,
to work off his debt of seven souls.
Meaning, he’s working on behalf of a
much bigger dark force. This entity is
powerful enough that it, marched right
through your typical stages of possession.
It has complete control when it wants to.
From what we know, it wants to work at
night, with increasing frequency.

(taking a seat at the table)
It sounds a lot like soul absorption.
With four souls collected so far, correct?

Yes. From what I remember.

It started when he accepted an offering,
a serum in a vial. He never openly accepted
a pact, but you know, an implicit pact based
on deception can be enough.

If what you’re saying is correct, this
spirit is the most dangerous sort simply
because, Wes only serves a temporary purpose
for it. Some spirits, once they attach want
to stay for a very long time. They break you
down over a period of decades maybe. Here
what we have, is an evil, very determined
to get what it wants, in short order.
(sets up her tape recorder, begins taping)
OK, and you mention an appearance?
Some sort of hood he wears?

Yes and we think this is important, doctor.
He’s having dreams. He can see many
people gathering, performing rituals.
All wearing hoods, in black.

It’s either in a kind of chamber,
underground, or out in the forest.
I feel that my entity is there.
I can just sense it, because it has
no face or anything. But I’m sure he’s
there, part of it.

My guess is that since the spirit has
attached onto Wes, these dreams are a look
into it’s mind or memory bank.
(pausing to think)
You know, I’ve had a group of customers
in here over the years that work with dark
magic. They’ve never been interested in
anything but that. A few in particular
invited me to join them for rituals in the
woods. I could see their energy was all
wrong. Bad intentions. I could see entities
closely attached to them.

Occult groups have met in secret in this
area for many years, going back to the 60’s.
I’ve treated many a wife and child who had
spirits attach to them because of the
summoning done by either one or both
parents. And these would be very unassuming
people. Suburban, affluent. Wes, do you have
any suspicion that someone close to you has
ever been involved with magic or performed
ritual work?

No, not at all. My mom would never.
My dad? I really don’t think so.
But we’re not all that close.
I’ve never even heard of any of
this stuff before all this. Everyone’s
families’ kind of weird, right?

Yes, you could say that. What makes
this interesting is that cases like
yours unusually fall into a pattern
of abuse. People coming from significant
emotional damage are much more susceptible
to attachments due to related weaknesses
and vulnerabilities.

Look, I guess you could say I was always
shy and didn’t really like myself. My dad
was never around much and I didn’t
understand why. But he didn’t like, abuse
me or anything.

People walk around thinking they’re
OK, but in their head, they’re fucked.
Completely vulnerable and broken down from
all the messages flying all around them.
No one is connected to their center, man.
They just get lucky not to get haunted. They
just go on in a haze their whole life man.
The world can just be a wicked place, man.

Listen, I have a sick feeling in my stomach.
Like, he is close and wants to come back
very soon.

Right, right. Well let’s have you lay down
on that couch over there and I’m going to
ask you a few more questions.

WES and DR. RITA walk over to a couch, DR. RITA brings
along a chair and sets it down in front of the couch. WES
lays back. He closes his eyes.

OK, so take me back to this dream.
What was it that you saw?

It was happening in the woods.
The hooded man was there. Not because
I recognized him but because I could just
feel it. In my own head, I knew it. I could
feel that he was smiling at me. They’re were
other people with him, they all were wearing
the same black hoods.

What was it they were doing there?

They had a girl there. She was naked. They
made a circle. Someone was drawing something
in the dirt. Some sort of symbols. A book
was being read out loud. But I didn’t
understand it. I remember an owl… someone
had an owl carved on a staff. There was
blood going onto the ground. I think it was
the girls. The last thing that I saw, the
hooded man, the one that’s been following
me… he got lit on fire. And he just burned

That’s clearly a symbolic dream. Your
subconscious is trying to communicate an
idea to you. What you described bears strong
resemblance to a Sabbat. And from the sounds
of it, a sacrificial ritual. It could be
Satanic but not necessarily. But clearly, an
invocation being made to a dark force. Many
black arts don’t demand outright human
sacrifice as part of the practice. Not
unless they are really trying to call upon
the blackest of evil spirits.
(pause for thought.)
I can feel the presence here… with us.
Very dark. Strong. The feeling has expanded
in just the last few minutes. An evocation
seems best. It will be very dangerous, but
we have little choice.

GLEN enters the frame carrying an open leather book. 
WES sits up.

I may have something. Although I’ve never
had to perform it. A grimoire from the
‘Lesser Key of Solomon’ has a ritual for
summoning demons called spirits chain or
curse of the chains. If we can get the
bastards name, we write it on parchment
and seal it in a box. Burn it and bury it.
Bye, bye demon.

When can we proceed? Nightfall is fast

Need to gather up all the materials.
Hopefully we have everything we need
somewhere here in the store. There’s
a fridge in back, grab something to
munch on in the meantime.

Continue on to the Final act at Part V

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