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Oh, my God. Dear Lord. How can I seriously review Street Trash? This is the type of post the calls to question any of the serious writing I try to do. That being said, I'm an unapologetic horror fan and will be until the day I die. Sometimes that commitment takes you into a really bad part of the neighborhood, miles and miles from the nearest "psychological-thriller" that respectable film-buffs love to name drop.

I can start by saying that Street Trash features almost every form of depravity imaginable.  Director, Jim Muro and crew obviously set out to make something within the horror/comedy genre that closely resembles a Tromaville production. The fact that Troma had nothing to do with the making of this amazed me.

Quite simply, if you enjoy schlocky bloodbaths like, Class of Nuke’m High and The Toxic Avenger, you’ll certainly love this. If you don’t veer in that direction, I can’t possibly see what there is to enjoy otherwise. Horrible acting, totally nonsensical plot development, repeated offenses against humanity, etc. This is a pure, unadulterated gross-out fest. 

But if you’re like me, you can excuse it all, given the pure entertainment value of it all. Actually, enjoying this film makes me realize how twisted I must be. The average movie-watching citizen would watch this film and scream in agony. Me? I’m laughingThat being my ass off 70 out of 90 minutes. I’m sick, that’s what I am. And so were the people involved with making this slab of filth.
This film actually stands as a clear barometer on a persons mental health. The scales of sanity tipping in reflection of how much enjoyment or repulsion is experienced.

As mentioned, the “plot” is here is pretty incoherent. The main premise is supposed to be about a 60-year-old case of liquor pints that make people melt and/or explode upon ingestion. That basic idea is fine I guess, and from a horror stand point it provides the only real horrific scenes to justifiably label it as such at all. Aside from that, the movie documents the pathetic comings and goings of drunken, derelict bums each covered by a literal sheet of dirt and scum. The local liquor shop begins selling off the discovered “Viper” booze at liquidation price, setting off a chain of homeless deaths. (This is just a very decidedly un-PC piece of filmmaking. Utterly unconcerned with any form of decency.) 

A painfully overacted role of tough guy cop is introduced to investigate the deaths. There’s all these bizarre human relationship subplots taking place amongst the bums centered around their dwellings of the scrap-heap junkyard. There’s a crazy Nam-vet that is either having flashbacks about killing people or he is actually killing people in the present – mostly other vagrants from the junkyard. Somewhere along the line a gangster/nightclub owner gets involved. Then there’s the owner of the yard and his assistant who tries to aid the people living on the premises. It’s all a little much when you just want to see the incredible melting F/X at work. How they managed to shoe-horn in romantic interests amazed me. You feel so f’n filthy watching the proceedings, the last thing you want the characters to do is get it on – but they do.  

If the intent of this film was to offend and disgust, you can chalk this one up as a huge success. It probably sets a high bar, rarely met even by exploration standards. 

Anyway, there’s a couple great body melting scenes on the front end that caught my attention but unfortunately that was followed by a 45-minute dry spell where the ridiculous “character building” develops. I was close to giving up when the kills started rolling in again to provide quite a strong finish. The drunks get thirsty and vengeful and the melting gets serious. I loved the way they introduced a rainbow of colors to ooze out of the Viper victims instead of simple blood and guts alone. The F/X crew are the real stars that made the production worthwhile. Created on a shoestring budget and not entirely perfect, the practical effects are very cool to watch if you understand the craftsmanship involved. Watch this one drunk or sober, preferably in a crowd for maximum laughs. That is if you can find anyone deranged enough to join you.

Hats off to the creators for pushing gore to the limit, in addition to shamelessly bizarre hilarity. You dirty, rotten, scoundrels. 


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