Frater X Files: Occult Orders, Grail Quests, Revolution & More

Like a lot of alt-media sources that I discover, I first came across Frater X when I was searching for occult and magick related podcasts. The Middle Chamber, created and hosted by Frater X has developed a following over the last several years, broadcasting across a number of independent networks. 

He's had some great shows with guests like Lon Milo DuQuette, Nick Redfern, Andrieh Vitimus and John Michael Greer. As a former member of nine different esoteric orders he has a unique perspective when conversing with his guests that makes for really interesting content. 

In addition to speaking on reclaiming our higher consciousness, Frater X also has a powerful activist message in his opposition to abuses of concentrated power. His podcasts and other public presentations have raised awareness to the ways in which hidden pockets of influence are able to use occult techniques to create a culture of obedience and false security in the midst of the madness that we are living through. 

What I appreciate about his approach is that rather than fear-mongering for the sake of it, he offers tools for individual empowerment as well. By informing his listeners about our human nature and the power that we can rightfully claim by walking the esoteric path, he offers a solution along with identifying the problem. 

His claims about Freemasonry and the modern Lodge system are no doubt controversial. I know many Masons personally that might refute his claims of internal corruption brought about by the Scottish Rite system. The notion of an organization becoming corrupted by the intentional perversion of their original intent does seem very prevelant throughout history. There is certainly a resonance for me when he speaks about the classic principles of Hermeticism and Natural Law philosophy in relationship to our current political and social troubles. 

In the conversation that follows I tried to touch on as many of the subjects he is committed to as possible. Whether you are familiar with Frater X or not, there should be some insightful and provocative ideas raised here that should be of interest to all. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Frater X

So, Frater X, when did your interest in the occult start? Was there a decisive event or book that drew you into it? Or did it start with looking into your family lineage?
There is no simple answer to this question. I have spent my entire life fascinated and drawn to the hidden aspects of our greater reality. Like many out there, my introduction began with fantasy fiction, sword and sorcery genre. All the classic greats: Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Piers Anthony, coupled with what could be called “speculative” science fiction such as: Frank Herbert, Robert Heinlein, Philip K. Dick all these writers challenged and commissioned us in their art to consider the three great questions of life: Who are we? Where do we come from? and Where are we going? Of course I read the classics as well.  
This all led me to the Victorian era occultists like MacGregor Mathers, Aleister Crowley, Wyn Wescott and then the more modern works of Manly P. Hall, Kenneth Grant, the Chaos writings of Peter Carroll, Phil Hines, and Ray Sherwin, and of course, William S. Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson. Literature in general has played a huge part in forming the thought processes I use to this day. There is another integral factor to consider here as well — something I am coining “outsiderism,” the principles and tenets of which are born out of personal trauma. This can occur if an individual finds him or herself outcast from their immediate society due to temperament, or some drastic upheaval in their personal life, which wrenches them from the warm campfire of known reality. Trauma is the catalyst.  
Something must shake us from the boxed in awareness we are trained from birth to view the world through. Once this happens, the control system, the global enchantment if you will, is weakened and eventually breaks. It is then that  true enlightenment becomes possible. The occult sciences, esoteric philosophies, and Mystery traditions are pathways towards such illumination...  
It is my contention that the effects of ancient and forbidden or occulted knowledge on consciousness, whether individual or mass, are like an antidote or inoculant against the mental virus control systems which have infected humanity for untold millennia...  
Research into my family history merely reinforced my convictions that it was my personal destiny to walk the initiatory path, free myself from these control systems, and join the other wayshowers, thus offering humanity some kind of alternate to the dystopian nightmare we find ourselves in today.
Secret War Inside Freemasonry by Frater X

Having gone through nine different esoteric orders, what can you share about the advantages and disadvantages of working in a hierarchically graded system versus studying as a solitary seeker of wisdom?
Humans are social creatures — we thrive in community. Mutual cooperation, by my estimation, is the highest ideal. Joining an esoteric order, society, or organization provides fellowship and support to an aspirant. In theory, within the lodge system there is the potential to unpack and consider concepts and ideas beyond the scope of normal reality without fear of judgement or social condemnation or the former threats from ecclesiastical authority. There is great advantage to engaging others in pursuit of higher knowledge.  
Unfortunately, as I have elaborated on in my book The Secret War Inside Freemasonry, these sacred spaces have been compromised and usurped. Their original intentions have been substituted for the same sort of thought-stopping hierarchical control systems which permeate all levels of our society. The bottom line here, though, is that none of these orders corner the market on enlightenment and illumination. They are simply repackaging universal concepts, teachings, and approaches to the greater reality of truth beyond the scope of everyday awareness.
What are the false claims being made against Masonry? There’s an unbelievable number of self-styled scholars on conspiracy that make a career out of repeating sensational claims and slanders?  
Well you said it: sensationalism. This is what we encounter with the majority of the armchair experts out there, who have no real experiential insights to work with. They have only the misunderstandings and misinterpretations of others who are equally ignorant to the truth. Now, this is not to say that really bad stuff hasn't happened or isn’t still happening today within the Fraternity at large.  
I would simply caution others to consider sources very carefully, and to also beware of over-simplified explanations and indictments by individuals who make their living off outrageous claims and controversy. And believe me when I say the “Truther Community” at large is infested with just such charlatans. I have encountered many in my travels.
You’ve made your position on the Scottish Rite very clear in terms of identify their order as a secret war on original Blue Lodge Freemasonry. Do you still think the Blue Lodge offers a vital initiatory experience for people in today’s day in age?

As far as the individual is concerned, experience is experience and no one can diminish this. So anyone walking into the Freemasonic system with eyes wide open and motivated by a strong desire for a vital initiatory experience can achieve this goal. The problem is the psychic price one pays for access to the Freemasonic altar. The leadership within Freemasonry today is compromised and it has been for a very long time. So, in order to function within such a system, one must overlook this. For many joiners and followers this is not a problem. But for the outsider on their own “Grail Quest” this will not do.
Masonic Hall

What’s the replacement for the system of education and wisdom that could at one time be counted on by joining a Fraternal Order?

The Freemasonic approach to the esoteric is based on misdirection, substitution, and most especially misinformation. Now, this approach is very effective for unpacking and reviewing symbolic and emblematic material not normally considered with normal consciousness by “polite society.” This explains the need to misdirect or redirect perceptual experience in order to prepare consciousness for this drastic shift in awareness. The problem is that the Freemasonic system has been continuously revised and repackaged to fit the needs and agendas of the social engineers and power elite currently captivating our world. 
The very same tools which can and will free the individual from the social constraints that limit awareness can also be used to captivate and enslave consciousness.
Remember, humanity is prone to error and novelty. Men like Albert Pike, and a host of countless others behind the scenes, made it their life’s work as agents of control to convert the pathways to illumination for their own plan of global conquest. I have rare, limited printings of Pike’s writings from the 1870’s where he explicitly maps out his plan to establish a three degree system of hierarchy for all of humanity with the Supreme Council 33rd Degree of the Scottish Rite as a holy priesthood ruling over our entire species.   
Initiation of an apprentice Freemason around 1800, an engraving (ca. 1805) based on that by Gabanon on the same subject dated 1745
Of all the Orders you have been initiated into, which one provided you with the most growth and value?
Hands down, the Ancient Order of Druids in America. Though originally founded by Freemasons, this order is now independent of all other systems and accepts both men and women into its mysteries. The modern Druid movement was born at the beginning of the industrial revolution in England when a group of “enlightened” individuals realized humanity was rapidly losing touch with the Earth. In my own experience, I have felt estranged from the natural processes of life all around me as a general consequence of modern society and consciousness. I perceive this deficit as a core malady requiring vital treatment. The order of Druids provides a pathway back to our source. It provides a dynamic and proactive opportunity for the individual to correct their approach to reality.
What would you say is the purpose and value of initiation in society today is? What can it provide an individual that is beneficial that is missing from how we live our lives, very often disconnected from myth and inner development?

Well, you said it again: we are disconnected from myth and inner development. As a species we are suffering from “acute desacralization,” the removal of the sacred from our everyday reality. Myths serve to instruct and remind us of the sacred. We are engaged in a one-sided approach to reality, which has been foisted upon our collective awareness by the prosecutors of a multigenerational war on human consciousness. And the overlords of this counterclock world we find ourselves in understand the importance of sacred myths and meaning to healthy human development and empowerment — hence its ultimate suppression.  
Initiation literally means a commencement or new beginning; as in commencing a new way of thinking, a new way of approaching reality, with the sacred restored to its proper place in our collective psyches.

What does the Grail Quest represent for you? How can we live out our own personal Grail Quests as individuals living in the 21st Century?

First and foremost it represents the need in the seeker to formulate the proper “Grail question.” In the original Grail mythos the Fisher King suffers a mortal wound, which is most tellingly a sexual wound. The land around the Grail Castle has become a barren wasteland and the Grail Queen is conspicuously absent.  
The Hero Perceval’s unasked question, which is the true test: “Who is served by the Grail?” Not unlike a Zen Koan the question remains far more potent than the answer. What is the Grail? And who is served by it?  
My understanding of this is that ALL humanity is served by the Grail, which may be seen to  represent the Sacred Feminine, the Grail Queen, now gone from our awareness. So I come away from this myth, understanding our desperate need to restore balance between the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine in our individual and collective human consciousness.  
The evidence is clear in our modern patriarchal cultures that the elevation of the masculine over the feminine is an unhealthy, destructive element that has served to keep us divided and disempowered. The war of the sexes rages on. Our destiny remains: each one of us must formulate our own Grail question and consider the meaning. We must strive to correct our approach to reality through the restoration of balance of the Feminine and Masculine, as I mentioned above. This is an extremely personal path, with no one specific prescription. There are, after all, many paths up the mountain top. The Gnostics spoke of reestablishing conscious connection with what they described in the Greek as “Luminous Epinoia,” or creative visualization and imagination within. This agent residing within each one of us is the core remnant of the Sacred Feminine.
Holy Grail tapestries woven by Morris & Co. - The Attainment: The Vision of the Holy Grail to Sir Galahad, Sir Bors, and Sir Perceval, 1895-96
What is the effect on culture when mythological and symbolic initiation is stripped away from our experience? When the role of the heroic archetype is removed in favor of pop culture icons?
The effect is the cultural wasteland we live in today. Joseph Campbell wrote “the wasteland is the preliminary theme to which the Grail is the answer […] It’s the world of people living inauthentic lives- doing what they are supposed to do.” And I must agree with him on this. I know Campbell has come under much scrutiny as of late, especially with his involvement in the infamous SRI government report, Changing Images of Man, a document which has been described by myself and others as a blueprint for social control in modern American society. My research into Campbell’s involvement in this only shows that he contributed his research on myth and meaning to the overall project, not that he was the mastermind as other, more sensationalist, researchers have suggested. In fact, his research was not even included in full in the original report to the government. It was instead included in the mainstream publication of the document printed some years later. But I digress.  
We need our trusted leaders and heroes. “The powers that shouldn’t be” know this and exploit it to the fullest. The counterfeiting of our heroes by the media serves its purpose. It gives us all the over-arching and overwhelming sense that nothing is real or authentic. And in the end I believe we are encouraged to cleave to the security and blessings of the State. Everything is under control, people, and our trusted leaders will prevail. We are encouraged to worship law enforcement and first responders as our new heroes, which reinforces the fear memes and control paradigms set in motion long ago to manipulate mass consciousness.  
How do we begin to regain a mythological and symbolic initiation process that strengthens us and reconnects us with the sacred wisdom of the ages?
On an individual basis the, conviction to commence such a path is born out of desperation. One must realize the need first. We all have everything we need within us. All the answers and solutions are encoded in our cells, our DNA. We are our own living solution. We simply don’t realize this truth. We are distracted. It requires intense will to disentangle ourselves from the control systems of our world. We must ignore fear, believe in ourselves and our potential for change, and engage our will in order to escape the wasteland.
How would you define a modern Knighthood and what paths are available for us to achieve that ideal today?

The original orders adhered to a code of chivalry, which is defined as a moral system which went beyond rules of combat and introduced the concept of Chivalrous conduct - qualities idealized by the Medieval knights such as bravery, courtesy, honor and great gallantry toward women. The Codes of chivalry also incorporated the notion of courtly love. While the emphasis is mine, this idea is important to the concept we are considering here. Gallantry is defined as “polite attention or respect given by men to women.” I will let the readers grok this as they will.  
Modern knighthood in the fraternal orders is exemplified by the image of the Knight Mason: sword in one hand, trowel in the other, excavating the ruins of the Holy Temple, in search of that which has been lost. The restoration of the lost word, once uttered by the High Priest in the Sanctum Sanctorum, Holy of Holies in King Solomon’s Temple, was and is the supreme aspiration.
That which has been lost allows us to approach the divine. In my estimation, the path of the modern knight is a solitary one. But inevitably, the greater human community benefits from this modern knight’s quest if fulfilled. When the problems of the lesser reality are solved the greater reality is served as well.
Arthur Hughes, Sir Galahad, the Quest for the Holy Grail, 1870

From your perspective, can you explain how ritual works both in the outer world we can see visibly but also on the inner world of consciousness and feeling?

I think I touched upon this above but to reiterate, ritual is a language of symbols and emblems which instruct the aspirant allegorically. To the outer world ritual might seem confusing, confounding, even ridiculous. It may seem trivial and meaningless. But on the inner level, the metaphysical reality, the symbols and emblems contained within ritual are actual living things conveying vital truths and concepts that are dynamically transformative to consciousness. A Chinese proverb supposedly states that “a picture says ten thousand words.” Consider the 22 trumps of the Tarot. Contained within each one of those images is an entire lecture on the Mysteries of the universe, as understood by the ancients. But it is almost imperceptible, which is totally understandable when we realize we are dealing with ideas and concepts beyond everyday modes of thought.
In working with magickal system, what criteria should a practitioner base their choice of one system over another?  

I would never presume to recommend one approach over another to an individual. I would simply admonish everyone to cultivate their own personal intuition through self-awareness and self-realization. Believe in yourself. Everything in life is a learning experience. As I said above, humans are prone to error and novelty. This is our GREATEST hope, in my opinion, because this allows for us to fail, to make mistakes, and to change (sometimes abruptly). Failure is the most potent teacher we have. With that in mind you can’t lose...
You mentioned before that your current practice is a based on Druid, Enochian, Goetia and Chaos Magick principles. Can you break that down a little bit in terms of how those traditions work together for you?

I am an eclectic chaos mage. In other words I pick and choose what works for me. I am also an avid student of eastern ways of liberation, such as Zen and Taoism. These “non-dualistic” approaches to life eliminate one-sided limiting concepts such as good and evil. These concepts have aided the control paradigms exponentially. When we readjust our understanding of the elemental forces that govern our cosmos, we realize these forces are within each one of us as much as without. Therefore, they are as inescapable to our experience as wetness to water or heat to fire.  
The Enochian and Goetic systems provide a means for us to abstract these positive and negative elemental forces within ourselves so that we might better align them with our will and reconcile them with the corresponding forces without.  
Chaos Magick, to me, represents the “Zen” of Magick. This system strips away the common trappings of ceremonial magick viewed as limiting distractions in favor of a more distilled, pure approach to the occult. It is a very personal, intuitive, self-guided approach.

What magicians or occultists have had the most influence on you?
The usual suspects of course. Many I have already mentioned here. Israel Regardie, Eliphas Levi, AE Waite, Francis Barrett have had a huge influence on my understanding, even when erred in their thinking. Again, error is a very effective tool if we allow it to be. I don’t agree with everything the writers I cite have written. On the contrary, I know they were VERY wrong about much of what they wrote. But that does not mean we cannot learn from them. Remember the words attributed to Aristotle:  “It is the mark of an educated mind to consider ideas even if we don’t agree with them.”
On a typical day, how do you incorporate magickal practices into your life?
To be completely candid here, my typical days as of late are far more focused on earning enough to survive in this world. It has been my experience that material gain suffers greatly in the pursuits of true higher knowledge and experience. It is a great irony that is not lost on me. But, as I have described above what I have gained in self awareness and realization, in intuition and insight helps me everyday to walk through this world we find ourselves in today. When you know the truth about who you are, where you come, and where you are going, it is far easier to accept the good and bad we perceive in life.
How did you first break into publishing books, podcasts and other alternative or new media platforms?

As a matter of fact, when I first joined the Lodge in Lawrence, Kansas the Master of the Lodge presiding over my initiation was very good friends with Freeman Fly from They had known each other for many years. And as time went by he told me I really needed to meet Freeman and talk to him because he realized we were kindred spirits. And he was right. Soon after I went on Freeman’s podcast called The Free Zone on the now defunct Oracle Broadcasting Network out of Austin, Texas. Then Freeman asked me to sit in as Guest host for his show while he went on the road for six weeks which included his appearance at the first Free Your Mind conference in Philadelphia. After my stint on the Free Zone, I was contacted by Danny Romero from American Freedom Radio Network also out of Austin, Texas and offered a Saturday night slot. This opened the doors to everything else. Five years later I have an extensive archives of amazing shows and guests, several book publications, magazine articles, and a DVD out there.

How did you get involved with the guys at Sync Book Press?
I would once again have to credit Freeman Fly who had already been approached by the folks at Sync Book Press to be included in Sync Book Volume 1 anthology. After reviewing the book myself I was blown away by the material and proceeded to book as many of the authors and artists involved as possible on my podcast including the editor and contributing author Alan Green. After a couple of awesome interviews with him he invited me to contribute to Sync Book Volume 2. I also did one season of my podcast The Middle Chamber over at Sync Book Radio Network in 2014-15 when American Freedom Radio Network took a hiatus.
You have a podcast called The Middle Chamber. You’ve been a guest on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, Fade to Black, The Higherside Chats and many others. What can say about the importance and unity among new media content producers?
All those shows are excellent sources of new media and their hosts are awesome people. I am so fortunate to have been able to be a part of what they are doing. As far as unity among new media content producers I think we still have a ways to go. We need far more unity and solidarity if we expect to see more positive results from what we do. The problem is most of us are struggling just to make ends meet and stay afloat in this world.

What is your theory on extraterrestrial life forms? What researchers or writers do you track when it comes to that topic?
I have read William Bramley’s Gods of Eden, Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods, and other works, of course David Icke’s corpus, and the works of Zecharia Sitchin just to name a few. I was also intrigued by the book Abduction by John E. Mack which explores the psychology of abduction cases.  
I am drawn to the Gnostic interpretation of the “archons” as laid out in the Nag Hammadi Library and presented by John Lamb Lash in his book Not In His Image. Which considers extraterrestrials an inorganic unintended consequence during the creation of our cosmos.  
I would encourage others to review the Nag Hammadi materials and Lash’s book to better understand this. In the final analysis I think the extraterrestrial question provides a distraction for us all and just might be an irrelevant diversion from more important and pressing needs right here on earth. I am also concerned that the Ancient Aliens scenario repackages humanity as merely a genetic hybrid designed by an off-world species to be slaves. This is a dangerous premise by my estimation.
How would you describe the concept of the Deep State or secret government? How does it affect policy, nationally and internationally? Is it a bug in the machine or simply the way the machine has always functioned?

The great misconception we operate under in our country is that so-called “democracy” is about freedom and liberty. It is in fact, a business model an upgrade from the colony plantation model upon which this system is based. I am convinced the founding fathers understood the powerful tool democracy was. To convince a people they were free and encourage them to participate in the democratic process was a brilliant scheme. All the while the international bankster thugs were maneuvering. I mean the charter for the first Central Bank of America was signed before the Treaty of Paris which effectively ended the Revolution! I think the priority is clear. We are taught that the Civil War was fought over slavery, this is only partly correct. Most people don’t realize that only 6% of Southern whites actually owned slaves, and if you include Northern whites only 1.4% of white Americans owned slaves total in America!!!  
This is so important to understand. By the way, about 3,000 black people owned 20,000 slaves in America in 1860. The Civil War was fought to change the business model in America from the Plantation Model to the Industrial Model we have today. Education was usurped and properly adjusted to dumb down the populace so as to prevent the citizens from using critical thinking and interfering with the master plan of our overlords to pilot our world over the falls into the wasteland we have today. If you doubt this consider the fact that John Taylor Gatto told us in his book Dumbing Us Down that at the end of the Revolution literacy in America was NEAR 100%!!! Putting aside how we define literacy today most figures have us hovering around 40% literacy today. How is this possible with all the money and programs in place to educate the masses? As Joseph Atwill tells us the bloodline oligarchs have been ruling our world for thousands of years this is merely the latest incarnation of that.
Emanuel Leutze, Washington Rallying the Troops at Monmouth, 1854

Where do you see the world headed in the next year, post election? How are we even supposed to look at the 2016 election and where it places the US Empire on a timeline of ascendency to decline?
I am sorry to say I think we are really screwed. In the immortal words of Jesse Jackson: “We may not have come over in the same boat, but we are ALL in the same boat now!” Politics in America are a FARCE!  
There is really only one party – it’s the WAR, DEATH and MONEY party. The left and right are bought and paid for by those who truly rule us all. The candidates are COMPLETELY compromised, all of them. The 2016 election is a total sham, anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves and ignoring the truth.
The only way this will end is when the people of America wake the hell up and resist. I have little faith or hope in this happening though because the mind-control and social conditioning is so very effective. But, as Mark Passio tells us 80-90% of America was Tory during the Revolution, in other words, they were happy to allow England to continue ruling America. And of those who were in favor of rebellion less than 10% actually fought in the war! Again, this is HUGE! If these figures are anywhere near accurate it just goes to show how few it would take to actually change things. The biggest secret hidden in plain sight is the immense power the people have also possessed...
Do you see people who research into these conspiracies and social manipulations going off the deep end and losing themselves in paranoia?

It is so very easy to become overwhelmed by all of this. The realizations are terrifying. I struggle with my own paranoia all the time, not to mention, deep depression and agony over the state of things in our world.  
Natural Law
Like Mark Passio, you have a belief in the Natural Law system of philosophy. How do those principles apply to the organization of communities? Is there a limit to the scope of issues that Natural Law can address, considering the complex nature of economics, production, property, crime, defense, dispute resolution, etc.?
Mutual cooperation is the only hope for humanity whatever form this may take. Natural Law and other similar philosophies make good guidelines, but, in the end I think we need to throw out all the ‘ologies and ‘isms because they have been compromised. We need to invent new ideals, precepts and principles for the new age. This is hard work though and we have been conditioned as people to work hard for nothing else but money. Therefore, it seems total upheaval is what is needed. We have a long hard road ahead of us if we want anything like TRUE freedom in this country or in this world.
How might the ideas of liberty or Natural Law philosophy and occult or Hermetic ideals be interrelated?
Several years ago now I did a series of podcasts with author mythologist John Lamb Lash called Occult Roots of the Russian Revolution which explored this theme. This series can be found online especially YouTube. It seems occult and hermetic ideals have historically gone hand in hand with populist revolutionary movements. It’s really not very hard to imagine and understand this.  
Empowerment movements recognize the potency we find in Natural Law philosophy and Hermetic and occult ideals. This is at the core of why mainstream authorities have villainized the occult.
It is my contention that taboos surrounding ancient and forbidden knowledge are by design to keep the masses from self-realization and empowerment.   

Have you moved into a position that the most moral society is one in which complete liberty is the defining characteristic? Anarchistic communities that are decentralized and based upon mutual aid, voluntary association?
Yes, ideally I would agree with this, though I have little faith that we can ever fully realize it. As we have seen time and time again, no matter how effective revolutionary movements have been, once the smoke clears the thugs or worse bankster thugs move in and derail any progress made from real resistance.
Which anarchist thinkers and writers have the most appeal to you? Have you studied the original 19th philosophers?
There are so many! It would be hard to narrow the list down. It’s more the principles and precepts that appeal and they are universal. In the 90’s during my wandering days I discovered Liberation Collective Centers for Revolution in every major city in America. Their free lending libraries were full of Anarchist material new and old. I studied everything I could get my hands on which include 19th century philosophers such as: Proudhon, Kropotkin, Stirner, Tucker, Goldman, Bakunin and a host of others. There really is so much source material to review. One pamphlet stands out which was called The Abolition of Work blew my mind. I used to have a copy of this illuminating work.  Once you realize the truth about work and labor in America and the world, the shells fall away from your eyes and you never see reality quite the same...
What’s the struggle of having both spiritual and political ideals that the general population thinks are wildly eccentric or worse, dangerous?
It is the loneliness of the long distance runner mon frere. Our species is vested in the collective illusion which enchants reality. Anyone pointing to the contrary is a non-believer and is treated accordingly. The struggle is real, and many people feel it. I am sure many of your readers feel it. It isn’t hard to imagine fascist conditions manifesting in the near future which might identify and isolate even further people who struggle with such ideals. I have been an outsider my entire life. I am used to it to a degree, but, it’s not always easy to go against the tide.  
I am not as optimistic about the future as I have been in the past. I think we have reached a turning point and there really is no going back to anything the way it used to be. We are breathing new air living in a new world and we must come up with new ideas to meet the challenges of a new age. The trouble is we have been so very damaged by our handlers and no one really seems to know where to begin… 
Frater X

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