POETRY MAGICK: The Circus & Into Darkness

// Mixed-Media Art & Photography: Jeff Wolfe //


Midnight mind churns.
Tension bones stiff
toward the door.

Wind whistles. Clenched teeth.
Shoes shuffle on battered damp

Tavern sounds draw near,
the distance of four lamp posts.
Hands roll in front pockets,
head sweat in cold.

Circus of brake lights
and neon signs,
mixed w/ laughter and cries.

Oblivion sought to see stars.
The universe within,
locked out.

Awful chest contraction.
Sickly virus that spreads.
Hand trembles table surface,
a rattle sets upon the head.
Reach out for numbness.

Desperate search in stranger’s eyes.
Pound doors without answer,
faces all turn away.

Bounce off panicked thoughts.
A quicksand of sound
pulls them away.

Brokenness bandaged over
w/ each drink.
Confidence swings towards
the bottom where
lost ones slide across the floor.

Night follows night.
Back at it again.
A hope to be taken
into a tide,

Mercy takes me -
away from this desperate


Separate ourselves from collective
a slow section off –
distances made in the night
make our own space.

escape the watchful eyes
machines of misery that stalk
deep data search results in
programs of code identity.

Genetic masters march on
w/ a threat to impose
voices in mass, shout
dangerous mind melds along
a digital spectrum.

Create chaos in resistance
still driven into lonesome holes,
dark cave gather to pray.

Big tyranny wheel comes to crush
the round up begins
personal affects and objects dismissed.

Children processed and tracked
hasty records made
downloaded brains scanned
in defense.

Threats gather in the mountains
a new life to live
like Walden Pound.

Men’s minds and hands harder again
imprints of ancestors
bubble in dream code.

Death hawk in a swimming sky
mythical dusk fires burn.

Native blood remembers freedom
lessons that will protect
in punishment season.

Peek back at old world
collectors gather and possess
walled in over night.

A history crated away
storage of minds and will
all for one and nothing left over.


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