Zine Transmission #5

I finally got a 5th edition of the printed zine put together for the summer. For those who don't realize I started Secret Transmissions as a print only project that then expanded into a blog. Being as time consuming as it is to make a zine and produce blog content, the zines have taken a bit of a back seat in the last year. This is something I may need to reconsider because making the zines is a lotos fun and somewhat unique compared to a standard blog. 

Anyway, this issue features two essays previously written for the blog, the first being Choosing the Odd Way: Fantasy Against the Machine followed up by An Omnidirectional Approach to Anti-Authoritarianism. Both pieces really sum up a lot of the thoughts and emotions I have been going through as I internally struggle with the nature of our soulless corporate working conditions and the truly vial and evil political reality that we live under. Trying to find ways to combat these oppressive influences has rarely left my mind this year and only seem to intensify as I do more occult work to develop and discover my own personal truth and purpose. 

I counterweight all that serious stuff with some fun collages inspired by Bigfoot, The mysterious disappearance of Bruno Borges, The Yippies, The Order of the Solar Temple, a new Max & Casey comic strip about college debt and a weird Jim Morrison meets Twin Peaks spread. 

There's a good amount of Robert Anton Wilson sprinkled in this issue in the form of some of his best quotes and a few cool images of the man who provides me with solace even in the darkest and most confusing times. 


  1. Just wanted to say that I really appreciate your work & all the effort that goes into it! You've managed to maintain that late 80s/early 90s vibe that I miss so much: the days of underground music that defied conventional categorization, the dawn of conspiracy theory culture & "high weirdness by mail", & 'zines, mail art & the age when folks traded home-made tape cassettes of whatever they were into. I'm glad someone still makes 'zines! I have fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table of a dilapidated old Victorian house in downtown Amherst, MA during my college years back then, making insane collages for 'zines with friends while being absolutely stoned out of our minds & listening to local college radio & plotting the revolution. Ye gods I feel old!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! That's exactly why I do it.

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