POETRY MAGICK: Encounters Beyond Strange

Encounters Beyond Strange

Stool, long way down from naked Heaven,
in this Bengali bungalow.
Body fully chained, 
weighted equally on all sides.

Fire under feet, 
in between the toes.
Nobody wants me here, 
but I can’t go home.

World of tone, in need of a new 
Give me 999 years to shed 
this desire off the bone.
Sink into dirt before I’ll get anywhere.

Always had a cruel father
with a Pisces mind,
in a house of cursed drawers.
Never let the light in, 
the sun is my ocean,
if you let me drown
I’ll talk to the Sirens,
who sing no more.

Drawing: Jeff Wolfe

Sooner to the bottom the better.
The root behind the lies.
Ground of Being – endless well.
The host held responsible. 
Fruits taken, skin over immortality.

Weathers in desert heat.
Man’s aggressive nature runs course
against atrophy.

Dig our own graves
in sand.
Unlike crystalline civilizations,
there’ll be nothing left of me. 

May I live pure, 
that a rose may grow 
from my breast.
A cup of stardust to go,
seated upon a lotus petal.
Voyaging west to taste Delta blues – 
nothing left to cry for,
deep in androgynous dreams. 

Slept on Holy couch with
hidden springs, 
haunted by Bhoot.
Blood moon horizon,
Mountains of no end
in which Ages dissolve  
and new patterns emerge.

Loud drums of chaos,
separation of wheat.
My friends clear-cut by beasts.
Sweat energy into ground,
food for the restless tides.

Arguments among elders and
watchers of time.
Children made mad when
parents play with thunder –
sent away with new games of sacrifice.

Differing families of gods 
trade and barter – clairvoyance spreads
across town.

Men forgot to train men.
Grandfather rituals to prevent war. 
Unpaid spirits stay away

The fall of the Mother temple
is not far.
It can be no other way.

Wander east on a purpose mission.
Seven excavators uncover
600-year-old texts – 
written in the wild woods 
of who knows.
Translation on which,
only 100 meditators know.

Disidentify with the arrow in my thigh 
or pastures under fire.
What devours this moment 
has no eternal register.

Speak well to guardians or be struck down.
Face the shadow dragon 
with sword of light.
Pierce out dispassionately,
death-blow strikes within.

Monster protects as 
monster dismembers. 
I pray to meet him on a 
good day.
Stars aligned, foolishness turned to grace.

Red eyed and fanged protector
lit a fire in my brain 
to purify with terror.
Prescribed to burn off body’s supremacy. 

Childlike entities put me to sleep.
Messages materialize over coffee,
my mishearing led to a damnable hex.
Long hours to dwell in 
the abyss of forgetfulness. 
Subject to insufferable Saklas babble.

Unearth the mirror well beneath dirt,
vibrations completely unknown. 
Genetics mutilated by chthonic contact,
encounters beyond strange.

There’s nowhere to get back to.

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