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Travis Egedy, aka Pictureplane, moves through musical countercultures like an interdimensional being on a mission. Not only are his songs as addictive as a crack hit, the weird and dark ideas interlaced throughout all of his work resonate deeply with my own odd assortment of obsessions. Aliens, punk and rave culture, The X-Files, alternative history and archeology, magick, comic books, conspiracies and horror themes congeal into his beautifully fucked up pop-culture candy.  Steaming up through the cracks of the underground,  infecting the masses with albums, art shows, videos and clothing. 

In between playing gigs and a stint on jury duty, the Brooklyn-based PICTUREPLANE was kind enough to speak about his art, music and the freaky shit that inspires it all. 

What is your mission while visiting this planet?
To create. To share my soul with others and to inspire. 

Do you have any techniques for contacting non-human entities? 

I would say ingesting a fair amount of some psychedelics of some kind. MUSHROOMS, LSD or DMT. Not at the same time though! 

When you were a kid, what was the 1st paranormal experience you had?

I am pretty positive that I SAW A UFO when I was in my backyard on my trampoline with my friend when we were in 3rd grade. 

What is your favorite X-Files season or episode and did you catch the mini-series?

I'm a huge fan. Seasons 4, 5, and 6 I think are the best. But basically the entire series is great. My favorite episodes are the CHUPRACABRA episode and the one with Jack Black where Giovanni Ribisi can control lightning. That episode features "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter too and I love that song. I enjoyed the new episodes. It felt like they were having a lot of fun with it. 

Of all the alien life theories, which one most resonates with you? Are they here to just observe or is there a long-term plan for colonization?
I don't think that there is just one race of aliens out there. I think it's incredibly diverse and that their agendas are as numerous as their are different civilizations out there. If aliens wanted to take over and colonize our planet, they would have done that a long time ago I think. I think it's the opposite really. I think that they want to help us. But we are like little children to them, we aren't really mature enough or ready to be helped. 
Your musical influences run the gamut from King Diamond to Nirvana to hip-hop, rave and Miley Cyrus. What was the first genre that blew your mind and turned you into a freaky kid? 
I got really in to "alternative" at a very young age. When I was about nine I started listening to a lot of Weezer, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, Silverchair. That stuff changed my life and is still important to me now. I started getting really in to rap and hip-hop when I was in middle school and was pretty obsessed with underground hip-hop in high school. I liked a lot of emo and electronic music too at that time. I love all kinds of music.

You have a song "No Law" that goes all the way back to 2007. I think it still connects to what you're doing now but your sound has matured and developed since then. Do you still have musical ideas and challenges that you haven't been able to realize yet in the studio? 

Making music or art should always be a challenge to overcome. I am always trying to learn new things. A lot of the themes of my music are the same as they were in 2007. THERE IS STILL NO LAW. There are still no walls. 

Did you ever read the book Generation EcstasyYou seem to visually and musically draw from those early hardcore UK days of the rave scene.

Yeah, that time period is really interesting to me. It was A PSYCHEDELIC REVOLUTION. An archaic revival. 

Your clothing line,  ALIEN BODY jumped right out to me. I can't quite put my finger on it but it works so well. I can see the 90's rave culture mixed with alien conspiracies, 80's horror and a tabloid magazine vibe. The Crop Circle long sleeve design is phenomenal. Is that a loose and spontaneous project or is there a set agenda of ideas to roll out?

It's kind of loose and SPONTANEOUS but it's also a way for me to explore a lot of ideas I'm interested in. Like conspiracies and the paranormal. I'm trying to make it more cohesive and to really expand Alien Body as a brand right now. But it's really expensive. I think I need an investor. I have too many ideas. 

How does Magick influence your life/work? Is the recording of your music a ritual? What Magick most helps your creativity?

I don't really have any rituals. But ART IS MAGICAL TO ME. You are bringing something in to the world that wasn't there before. I approach my life in a magical way, to where everything I create has some sort of intention and purpose. 
I know Genesis P. Orridge is an influence. Ever thought of starting a cult? Have you gone back and studied the Process Church philosophy? 
I don't think I would be a very good cult leader. People should do what they want. That's one reason I love Genesis' teachings so much. It is A CULT OF THE SELF. A cult of the individual. It's about thinking for yourself and finding your true self. 

You've read Graham Hancock, what other alternative history authors are you into? 

For me its really all about Hancock. He is THE dude. I like John Anthony West also. 
Do you listen to conspiracy radio shows/podcasts like COAST TO COAST AM?
Yea, I love Coast to Coast! 
How far along did you make it into The Invisibles series? Any other comics that you loved?
I've only ever read a little bit of The Invisibles. I read all of Akira, which is just such a masterpiece. I love this comic called Hard Boiled. Anything drawn by Geoff Darrow. Prison Pit by Johnny Ryan and anything by C.F. For me with comics, the art is really important. I'm more attracted to the drawings than any sort of story line. 

What was your experience playing Detroit? Was there a cool crowd?

I've only played there once in 2010! I really want to go back.
What city or country that you've been has the most occult power? The coolest underground bookstore?
Maybe my hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico! 
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