Demonati Pact, a screenplay (Part II)

(To read Part I first, click here)

PROFESSOR is in the process of handing out test papers
around the room.

WES is settling into his seat.

The test will be timed. You’ll have
45 minutes to complete it. If you have
properly prepared, you’ll have no trouble
at all.
(makes his way to the front of the room)
Good luck.

Pan to clock on the wall, reading 11:05.

(muttering to self)
Oh, fuck.

WES begins to look over the test. Takes a breath. Returns
to the top. To his astonishment, he begins writing answers.
He has not prepared for the test sufficiently. And yet, he
has every answer in his head without struggle.

We see a series of time-lapse dissolves as he breezes
through the exam without hesitation.

Pan to clock on the wall, reading 11:25. WES sets his
pencil down and cracks his neck. Gives an exhale and stands

He brings his papers up to PROFESSOR’S desk. Other students
look up to watch him pass. They each have a look of either
disbelief or an assumption that he has just bombed it.

(looks up at WES)
Are you sure you wouldn’t like to use
the rest of your time, Mr…
(drawing a blank.)

Baker, chief, Wes Baker. It was not a
problem, really. I’m sure you’ll be
pleased with the answers to every question.
Have a pleasant day now.

Well… alright then.
(shakes his head)

WES walks briskly out of the room.

Establishing shot of the plaza. The central point contains
a large metal sculpture built around a fountain.

WES is skateboarding on a nearby set of concrete stairs.
There are several bystanders around him including other

Cut tighter in on the action to see WES. He lands an
extremely difficult Kick Flip Under Flip. He follows this
up with an Inward Heel Flip.

A crowd is gathering and growing excited by the
performance. They’ve never seen someone perform the tricks
he is executing.

WES continues to do a series of jumps and high-level tricks
he has never done in his life. A normally average athlete,

WES’S surge in skill is somehow connected to the serum from
the previous night.

Members of the audience cheer and holler their approval and
amazement. Some begin to videotape.

INTERCUT GoPro shots on WES and tracking steadicam views
capturing the action. What WES is doing is close to inhuman in its 
flawlessness and energy.

The mania of the crowd finally becomes too much and WES
takes the board into his hand and waves with the other to a
round of cheers.

OVERHEAD VIEW on the crowd surrounding WES and giving him
pats on the back and high-fives. There are a barrage of
comments and questions all muffled together.

WES is in shock of what he just did and gives quick answers
to some and begins walking out of the crowd.
When he gets a clear path he jumps back on the board and
rides away. He looks back at the crowd and waves a hand up, laughing.

WES is sitting at an outdoor table. He is speed-reading
through a textbook.

He has several books stacked around him. JORDAN is entering
the frame from a distance.

Hey man! What the fuck? Was that crazy
the other night or what?

You wanna know what’s crazy?
(he continues to look straight down as
if he’s reading and talking simultaneously)
I’m memorizing this book. Page by page.
I mean, it’s all going in my head. As soon
as I read it, it’s in my head.

Huh? Whatever man. Look, what happened
with them girls from the loft? I mean,
I was faded out when I thought I saw you
leaving with them. Was I trippin’ or what?
That couldn’t have been for real.

It was very much real. Maybe I won’t even
have to go to class anymore. If I can just
do this, who knows?

Jesus! You? And a threesome? I mean, is
that what you’re tellin’ me? Come on!

(seeming suddenly startled. Looks up at JORDAN.)
Something strange is happening here.
I feel… all this cosmic energy. Flowing
around. Inside me. I knew every answer to
this test earlier. Things I never prepared
for. All, right here, in my head. And the
girls, they just did what I thought. I mean,
I thought it and they did it. Without me even
doing anything. Like a dream or something.

You are talking some crazy shit man.
Are you high?

I meet this guy at the party. At the loft.
He gave me something. He was talking about
Jamie. I didn’t get his name. I don’t know
how he knew anything. He was just there.
I don’t remember his face or anything. He
had this hood… this shit got me… not just
high… something else. Something clear. Like,
I still feel it. Everything is sharp and I know things.

Dude, seriously. What the fuck? I don’t
know what you are talking about but I need
to be on this. You need to get me some for real.

It’s not like a drug at all.
(thinking out loud to himself)
Maybe it’s some formula being tested at
the university. Like, a scientific study
drug. Whatever it is, it’s nothing like
anything. Like anything I want is possible.

WES closes his book.

You are buggin’ me out man. Wes with
Superman skills. You gotta find this freak.
I should call Danny, see if he can put this
together for us. He has to know this dude.

JORDAN abruptly stuffs his books into his bag and gets up
from the table. He clearly has an intention on his mind.

Hey, where you going to so fast?
You didn’t tell me about the honeys.

Look, I’ll talk to you later. I forgot,
I have to get home. I’ll call you.

Ok, you high-ass motherfucker. What
about the guy?
(calling out to JORDAN as he scrambles
away off campus)
What do I say to Danny? Damn.

WES enters his apartment with manic energy. Throws his
jacket off, onto the floor. Paces the floor back and forth
a few times. He then approaches his phone.

WES feels confident and powerful. He calls JAMIE to try to
win her back.

He stares at it for a moment then begins punching numbers in.

AUDIO: Phone ringing


(speaking in overdrive)
Jamie, it’s me. Oh man, you won’t believe
the last few days. I’m getting all A’s here,
I’m probably going to graduate early the way
I can remember everything and who knows how
else I can use that ability, I feel like I can
make anything happen now, like there’s nothing
that can stop me, if I just focus on it use
this power. I met this guy and it’s all different
now. He showed me something I never knew about

(cutting WES off)
What the fuck, Wes? What are you talking
about? I thought we decided to give each
other some space. This is not really a good
time for me to talk.

Listen, I know. I know. That’s what I need
you to understand. I really think we can
work this out. There’s something different
now with me, you’re going to see. I know
how right we are. When you feel the difference,
you’ll know this is right. I’ve had time to
see how important this is. And figure out how
to be better for you…

No, no. This is crazy. Have you been drinking?
You have to just forget this. There’s no way
this is working. I’m not coming home. Probably
not ever. I need to… Wes, look, it’s time for us
to be separate. We talked about this. I haven’t
changed how I feel. I’m sorry.

Jaime, you just don’t know how I’ve changed!
I’ll come out there for a weekend and we can
give it a try. I promise you’ll see, you’ll
feel something even better than before! Then
maybe I’ll move there if I have to. I need to
be with you!

Wes, you’re not making any sense, I think you
should see a counselor to figure this out because
I don’t know what’s going on. You don’t sound
right. This is not healthy… And I don’t have
time for it anymore!

AUDIO: Muffled sounds of another man’s voice in the
background, and other ambient environment noise of

It is healthy! I am! That’s what you don’t
understand. You’re not giving me a chance.
Is this all I am to you? After everything
I tried to do for you?

Look, you’re making a mistake and you need
to calm down, this is not helping. There are
no more chances. I am gone. Gone, ok? You’re
not coming here. I’m not seeing you.

Is there someone else? Are you with someone

It’s completely none of your fucking business!
Now just fucking stop!

He doesn’t fucking know you… I see you, he’s
too fucking stupid to see. He will use you
and throw you away! I love you! No one else
will! They won’t know what I know.

I am done. Done! This is not happening. I
Have to go. Please don’t call back.

Oh, I won’t you fucking cunt! I hope you
suffer for what you’ve done to me! I hope
he fucks you and leaves you crying and alone!

You’re fucking sick and you need help!
This is over!

AUDIO: A click as JAIME hangs up her phone.

Jaime? Jaime?! You heartless bitch!
(throws the phone down)
Damn it!


We see his seething and rage build. He paces the room back
and forth in shadow. He comes to a stand still. A thought
occurs. He reaches down for the phone and begins
frantically getting a call entered in.

Cut to diagonal split screen showing WES and JORDAN as they

Hey, wild man.

I want to go out tonight. Wanna go out?
Find some parties?

Sure man. Shit, you’re really going off
lately. Breaking loose, huh? Hey, I talked
to Danny. He doesn’t remember any dude in
a hoodie from the other night. Then again,
that’s not much to go off of.

Yeah, sure. So, I’ll come to meet you,
now. I’ll leave right now then.

OK, I’m just chillin’ over here.

Cut to single shot of WES as he hangs up the phone. 
Camera holds on him looking intensely.


WES and JORDAN approaching and entering the front door.

JORDAN knocks on the door. After a moment, a tired looking

DANNY opens up.

Hey, what’s up man?

You know, just checking out what’s going
on tonight. Seeing if you have anything
going on in here tonight.

Shit man… no, I’m just laying low. Still
recouping from the other night.

Any idea where people might be out tonight?
Where we might come across anything?

Shit. You know maybe downtown, if you
check out Bronx Bar. Maybe, City Club?
You can get into some freaky shit in there.
(laughs to self)

So are you down to find out with us, or
what? What’s up?

No man, you’re crazy asses are on your
own. I’m keeping it cool in here tonight.
I got my girl coming in later.

Ohh, ok then. I hear you. Well you take
care of that. And we’ll take care of our thing.

Alright, alright. For sure.


See ya.

The door closes on them.


Alright, so what do we do?

I’ve never been to that City Club. What’s
that about?

Ohh man. Shit, that’s some wild shit man.
I don’t know if I’m all up for that. That’s
the freaks coming out at night shit. They
party all night in there.

Ok. Well, maybe that’s where I can find the
guy. I have to try somewhere.

What are you, hooked on whatever that shit
was? Must have been good. You don’t even
like drugs.

I had a fight with Jamie. I just need to
talk to him again. See what that was all
about. Just tell me where to go, it’s cool.
I’ll go on my own.

Chill man. Just slow down. Fuck. I’ll go
if you need to so bad. But I’m telling you,
it’s not your kind of place. It’s not my
fucking kind of place.

Look, if I don’t run into him after half
an hour, we’ll bail. I promise. We’ll just
check it out.

Whatever man. I’m taking one for you this
time. Don’t you forget it. Next time I want
to go somewhere. Let’s get up to the bus stop

WES and JORDAN are standing on a dark street corner, lit
only by a street lamp.

A bus pulls into frame. An older woman steps off. WES and
JORDAN make there way aboard.


Head and shoulders view on WES looking out the bus window.
We see the dark and decrepit Detroit city pass by.

WES and JORDAN are passing the doorman who is letting them
in. There is a line-up of people behind them.


It’s a dark and loud club packed with sweaty wreathing
bodies. Blinding strobes flash across a dance floor. WES
and JORDAN are pushing their way towards the parameter.

Cut in an artful montage of different aspects of the
environment mixed with CU’s of wild eyes, piercings,
painted faces, gas masks, etc.

JORDAN pushes towards the bar to order a drink. The bar is
covered with candles, encased in red glass. There is a
horned head mounted on the wall above the bar.

(yelling over the noise)
I’m going to need a lot of these!

(also yelling)
I’m going to check things out. I’ll
find you in a few.

Camera pans with WES as he begins looking for the HOODED

Cut between a tracking shot alongside him and his POV. WES
makes it through most of the dark club. He can see very
little features of anyone. So many men are wearing black
clothing in an already dark space. He hopes to see someone
cloaked with a leather hood.

After a few minutes searching, WES makes his way into an
un-crowded back room. He appears visually despondent and

Cut to a medium as he backs into a brick wall. He places
his hands behind his head, in an exasperated posture.

It is I you seek again tonight?

(sliding away)
Whoa! Jesus. Ok, hold on. What’s
your name? You remember me from the
other night?

Names are not important. I know why
you are here. You want what I have.

(peering up at him)
Man, I can’t even see you.

You’ll come to find me very accessible.
You see, I’d like for us to form a
relationship. You would agree that I
posses something very intriguing to
you? Here you are again, drawn to it.

(reach’s out to take it)
So, what is that stuff, exactly?

It’s everything you need it to be.
Unadulterated and pure.

Ok. This is kinda weird…

Here it is.
(holds out a vial)
So, go ahead. Take your release.

WES looks at the vial with a look of anguish. Slowly, he
reaches out to take it.

What do you want from me? I mean for
this stuff?

I’ll let you know when there is a price.
I can be very generous to you.

If you say so, man. This is a little
weird to me.

JORDAN jumps onto WES’s shoulder from off-camera.

(shouting over the heavy bass music)
Hey! I’ve been looking for you. Fuck,
have you seen the women here?

WES turns to JORDAN, then turns back to were the HOODED
STRANGER had just been. He is no longer there. WES searches
his surroundings and can not locate him anywhere.

Shit! That guy, the guy with the drugs,
I saw him. He was just here! He just
gave me some more.

What? The dude with the hoodie? 
Oh,man. Crazy.
(slams down another drink)
I’m already buzzing or I’d make you
share some with me. Look, lets get back
out to the other room.
(pulls on WES’s shoulder)


They re-enter the packed dance floor. JORDAN, leading the
way, pushes through. JORDAN starts to dance with some wild
looking girls.

WES looks around as people bounce off of him. He looks into
his hand at the vial. He unscrews the cap and drinks the
serum inside. He grimaces at the taste.

Camera holds a CU on him as the effects wash over him. He
lets out a howl and a laugh towards the ceiling. He lets
his body move in sync with the beats of the music.

Cut to an overhead view of the dance floor. Smoke is
filling the air and clouding the room.

It’s about 4am. Drunk freaks are hanging around the outside
smoking cigarettes. A group of four people stumble out of
the club into the street. Following just behind is WES.

He trails just behind the group as they walk a few blocks.
As the group disbands in different directions, WES locks on
a MALE GOTH who is headed toward a dark parking lot.

Camera tracks WES’s POV following the MALE GOTH. He trails
him in to his car in the middle of the lot. No other people
are in the lot. The MALE GOTH approaches his late model
sedan and is checking hos pockets for keys. He comes up
empty handed from his pants pockets. He goes into his
jacket and finds them there.

The set drops onto the pavement as he pulls them out.
Bending down, he reaches for them.

Camera cuts to face the MALE GOTH in a medium shot as he
stands up straight. Up from behind him comes a glowing red
hand that clamps down onto the top of his head. The MALE
GOTH shouts, dropping his keys back down to the ground and
reaches for the hand that has him captured.

Cut to reveal WES struggling with the MALE GOTH as he tries
to escape his grip. With more exertion, it is clear, WES is
wielding a superhuman amount of strength over his victim.
With the power in his glowing red hand, he collapses the
man’s skull and sucks the brain dry of all life and energy.
WES’s arm experiences a tremor as if a shock wave is
pulsing through his arm and into his body. The MALE GOTH
collapses lifelessly to his knees. WES struggles to release
his clenched grip from a now crushed head. He has to
wrestle his arm away from the body by stepping his foot
down onto the body and yanking away with the help of his
free arm.

WES stumbles backward abruptly. Starring down at the dead
body before him, he then looks to his hand. The red glow is
pulsing and fades away to reveal only blood. Looking back
to the body, he does a 360 search of his surroundings.

He sees nothing. Muffled sounds of voices howl in the

WES staggers backward before turning to his left and begins
to run away from the scene of the crime.

WES is tossing and turning in his bed. He bolts upward,
breathing heavily. Sweat saturates his face. He looks
around the room in a state of confusion. He flings the
covers off of himself and kicks his feet over the side of
the bed. Placing his head into his hands.

We travel into the darkness of his mind. First there is
pure black. Then a faint red glow pulses and grows. The red
becomes an open hand. The hand flies towards camera.

Cut to WES reeling up out of his hands, letting out a moan.
He jumps to his feet and begins to pace the floor. Coming
to a stop, he raises his hand outward and looks toward it
with fright. He appears to be trying to make sense of his
own thoughts about the previous night.

Fuuuuuccckkk. What the fuck? Oh,
Jesus. Oh, man.

WES paces some more. He grabs his jacket and backpack and
bolts out of the apartment.

WES is walking towards campus. He appears disheveled and
sickly. He can’t bring his eyes upward to see in front of

The camera tracks with him for a few blocks. His walking
slowly breaks down and he begins to shuffle. Clutching his
stomach, he leaps from the main road onto a side street.
He vomits violently.

Backing into the wall, he slides to the ground. He spits
and wipes his mouth clean. He begins to sob quietly. Then
he slaps his head a few times before rising to his feet.
He continues trudging along.

POV of buildings along the road, as he walks. A large
Gothic church comes into view. Camera holds on the church,
moving in closer and closer. Once WES arrives at the church
entrance, the camera pans upwards toward the buildings top
arch and the grey sky above.


WES enters the shadowy church. Entering the sanctuary, he
struggles toward a bench and sits down at the end. Still
feeling dazed and sick, he looks towards the stained glass

Camera pans across the biblical window scenes. Cut back to
WES putting his head down on the bench back in front of him.

A small gust of wind passes over WES’s face. This startles
him and he looks around the empty room. A bang is then
heard, as if something has fallen from somewhere.
Standing up, he walks out towards the front hallway.
Looking down the corridor to his left, it is simply
darkness. Looking to his right he sees a red orb in the
distance. It appears faint and pulsing.

A look of great fear comes over WES’s face. He does not
move. The circular aura begins to hover left to right. Then
it begins to drift forward, towards WES. The red glow grows
as it moves.

Fuck, fuck. Oh. What?
Before it can get any closer, WES snaps from his paralysis
and bolts toward the front door. Slamming into the door, it
does not open at first try. He gives it several pushes and
it continues to respond as if locked. The hovering red orb
appears just behind him and very large.

Open!!! Fucker! Open!!!
The door does thrust open. 

WES flies out through the door and barrels onto the street
and continues off in a desperate run. The door closes
behind him with the orb making no outside appearance.

Camera locks on WES as he sprints down the sidewalk. It’s
clear that the speed he is traveling is beyond a normal
ability. As he becomes aware of this, he applies more
energy and shifts into a superhuman gear, traveling into
the road and slipping between moving cars. A few people
look startled and confused as to what they just saw.

He travels for another couple blocks until coming to a hard
stop. Upon stopping the camera is at a low angle looking up
at his face. His reaction to this new found ability is
gleeful laughter.

He falls into a maniacal laughing fit, resting his hands on
his knees. He is in disbelief.

WES is leaning over a sink. He douses his face with water.
Holding his head, it appears he is struggling with a
migraine. Breathing heavily, he looks at his reflection.
His eyes appear bloodshot and bleary.

Cut away to a high-angle, wide view of the empty, stark
white room. Camera holds on him for several moments as he
tries to gain control of himself. There is only the sound
of running water and his breathing.

Lock-off shot on WES’s head as he walks. People are walking
all around him in either direction. Their appearance is
distorted as if seen through a fish-eye lens. Their heads
appear to come towards him and morph as it would in a
funhouse mirror. The voices of conversations are heard in a
hyper acute capacity. All of the conversations overlap at
once. WES is looking to all sides with a look of
bewilderment. It becomes overwhelming to his senses and
it’s clear he can’t take much more.

He walks over to a grassy lawn and falls to his knees under
a tree. Camera follows him as he lays on the ground.

CU on his face. Camera pulls away to reveal he is now
laying on a nursing cot in the college clinic.

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