Never Worry
Sign on, get the vote out, get the war out
the experts say use less water
don’t educate, convince
manage it Bernays,
plot it out – march, smoke, march, candy fashion cigarettes
people don’t know better
silly, impulsive villagers
raised to heard cattle and graze
on what we feed them
the spot light is exclusive, illusive
consume it all
because of millenarianism
it’s all going away
reflect what’s been determined
get what you need by taking
the time to buy is now
it’s a value
we have civil values best expressed
by superstars looking young on the stage
they can speak for us
who’s going to pay?
who’s got the tab?
can it be eaten, provide illumination?
cross the unions out
push the commies out
it’s time for strong reactionaries
brute strength is the way
we see ourselves
fight pollution now
make the best decision ever
think again
it’s time to reframe
we’re all in line at the food chain
retake our forgotten mastery
engage with pantheons of gods with something to say
the oracle lied again today
but only to me this time
must have a bone to pick
when I woke up on the wrong side of the bed
started a fucking bad day
because it’s a family curse
how far back can it go?
how far forward can it last?
defeat after defeat it’s all on one long menu
with too many options
they took away
the public life in the square
poets pushed out to make room for the market
because it’s growing
it can’t happen here
don’t stand here
where were you born?
you’re too vulnerable
get out of your own way

Photo-Graphic // Jeff Wolfe

the super humans are here
to form new mega-teams
put working kids back on the bench
the artillery shelling is on the way
a beautiful spectacle of machines
explosive attention span
never surrender
we loved each other in the rubble
under assault and battery
consolidate profits under control
the old Cheka on the march
old men playing chess in the park
a screw-job siting in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
bored and tired, pushing buttons on a screen
should we retreat or stay in the street?
the brand managers get to decide because they planned it
the best thing for you and me to do is laugh at the bosses’ jokes
in corporate boardrooms and tell a good tale
so they won’t look at all the time we’re wasting
plotting a revolution
scheduled to start
any day now
when the moon is right
and Sirius has a kiss for us
next up on the agenda is a product demonstration
that kills the buyer
because these are unregulated times
what other games will we play?
screen-print our love letters in the basement
of the abandoned psych-ward they closed after 60 years
still nowhere for them to go
except the pharmacy but not without
a fancy company card
and a leisure suit like Mr. Larry Harvard
who engineered for Microsoft
and flew off on a pension
before it disappeared
and as the sun sets
I might as well get happy about automation
hanging out in the alleyway
is always fun and free
for now, anyway
all my friends have been rounded up
for their miscalculations and
failure to make rent
dodged so many bullets
on the way to the grave
however it ends
it needs to be memorable
gathering information until then
from the Torah and the Koran
with a touch of Lao Zu
death can be as fake
as everything on the news
if you really put your heart in it
like the best of the best do
it’s a free world of free enterprise
so it’s all up to you
and remember what your mother said:

never worry,
never worry,
never worry,
love yourself,
have fun
and don’t die afraid.

Photo-Graphic // Jeff Wolfe


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