Zine Transmission #6

After much delay I present issue #6 of the printed edition of Secret Transmissions. For newer readers, this whole blog came about as a means of more widely disseminating this obscure piece of printed punk weirdness. The return to the ephemera of physical objects and the printed word is gaining traction and I want to contribute to that end even while needing to exist in this ubiquitous virtual space.

I've always aimed at an aesthetic inspired by my 14-year-old energy and aggression and I find that much more accurate and authentic to capture when creating with my hands and raw materials.

This issue features two pieces of writing that come from the blog. Kicking things off is a recent reflection on my romance with metaphysical book shops called, To Teen Love, Forbidden Texts & Afternoons Lost. Going back to my earlier point about the yearning for the real and tangible, bookstores embody everything good and vibrant about interacting in the three-dimensional world.

The second essay, Confessions of an Art Director: Occult Advertising Tech, delves into my reflections on my sordid career working in the propaganda, mind control industry. Since getting more involved in occultism and magic techniques, I've come to recognize the links between using image and symbol as a means to influence and manifest will for business ends. This history goes back a long way and in particular I touch on the immensely successful strategy of utilizing the graphic arts in an occult fashion by Nazi Germany.  With the advent of digital communications the ability to target and control the habits and activities of individuals on a mass scale has only become more nefarious and invasive. 

Collage spreads have been dedicated to the meaningful or fascinating ideas for me over the last several months. An anti-Trump, black block anarchism collage pays tribute to the ongoing trials against the J20 inauguration protests from January of this year. Justly, the first six defendants have been ruled not guilty in what will hopefully establish a precedent going forward. 

2017 marked the 20th anniversary of UFO cult, Heaven's Gate's infamous mass suicides and features as a spread here. A podcast miniseries about the group came out this year as well and I have been enjoying it immensely and highly recommend it. 

My deep love for folklore comes through in spreads put together for the lost civilization of Atlantis and the  mythology of faerie phenomena. 

This year's research also brought me to the ecological anarchism of Murray Bookchin and I show him some love for it. His writing has at present resolved many of the difficult pragmatic issues of decentralized societies as it relates to the complex nature of stateless environmental protections as well as the scale in which to best create consensus actions. His praxis of libertarian municipalism has enjoying a Renaissance at the moment in socialist and anarchist circles and understand why having read several portions of his classic, Post-Scarcity Anarchism.  

Another anti-authoritarian spread was inspired by the colorful post-imprisonment life of Chelsea Manning. Her twitter feed is a joy and inspiration to follow, as she appears more and more like an advocate for radical anarchist ideas. The use of her social currency to promote an anti-statist agenda could radicalize untold numbers with any luck. I can think of few current ambassadors that demonstrate a positive vision for a freer future. Her radiate energy and moral character is profound, considering the suffering she endured for seven brutal years at the hands of the state.

Threats of nuclear winter, increased militarism, rising international fascism, internet freedom in jeopardy, climate disasters, mass shootings, sexual predators, tragic artist deaths, Neo-Mcarthyism, Neo-Nazism and the ensuing social fractures infecting even subculture spaces designed as refuges for people like us. There's no getting around it, 2017 was a vengeful beast. 

But there's no dark with out light. There are signs of hope here and there, of areas opening up, people getting fed up and organizing, considering things never considered. 

In face of all of the obvious repression and insanity coming down from the ruling class elites, we can only hope it pushes people towards radical ways of self-empowering both spiritually and politically. I'm no profit,  2018 could see even more of this dark agenda taking shape. All we can do individually is try to cultivate creative modes of expressing ourselves, developing strong mystical connections, engaging in our local communities and spending more time in nature and less time having our internal maps distorted by digital black mages. 

In the worst of times, we must summon the best of our collective magic. Take nothing lying down. Frustrate the bastards for every last inch. 

That's enough of my set-up blathering. Take a look and please follow up with research on the content I've highlighted if you're so inclined. 


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