POETRY MAGICK: The Soil Savior Risen

The Soil Savior Risen

Lifted up and burned through,
the solar dance breaks up my body of Christ.
Atoms and atoms diffused into the black empty.
Shimmer back down the cascading pool
to cool the fire of self-sacrifice.

A transcendent-Tao moment.
Die and live again in the dialectic.
Here and gone, living and dying.
All material stripped away,
naked body of Osiris risen.

Sister of sex divines gnosis
like a bullet through the head.
Brain bits make babies to cry
and suckle golden milk
that flows across new Jerusalem -
only to be cast out, fallen, free.

Orbit galaxies, star-fathers glow existence
and pulse collectively among the children
tilling my garden.
Brought about by the descending angels
armed hostilely with settles to score.

Corrupted soil births the serpent
body of man,
bequeathed with bull head
and demon horns.

Penetrate deeper into inner-earth.
Work wells down into the cave of the hermaphrodite.
Genital entities to consecrate weary knights
whose horses have grown cold.
Blade can split the man from the woman,
let the grail collect the resulting seamen
that shines and reflects as a diamond.

The trillion-fold souls of light
carry this cup across the red river
by raft steered by jackal priest
with iron lips that accept payment
and ears made to hear parables.
His paddles they drive and thrust
the way forth to the sexless one,
who initiates
and has a way of fucking flesh into
blind rapture.

The innards of the soul-shell
shiver and shake apart
by shafts of light
until pieces of the thing you were
rattle round by this procedure.

The gate draws open to the tomb
of CR guarded still by breathing symbols
that have their way too,
inside your limbs.
Self, of any concept, rendered empty
by forceful hand.

The offering of your energy is eaten
and devoured in the process of
ecstatic agony,
like a child rebirthed -
eons past as you lay your
pure nothingness within the tomb
of infinity, closed by the cross
of four holy poles
that form the ground of all

All Gods, all creatures, all moons
came to pass in your ever-lasting sleep.
Through destruction comes creation.
Humanity doomed, humanity dies
a new cycle, a new sun.
Dawn of the four quarters.

Lucifer presides in a flash of lightning.
By his pen, a book of magic
bound for disciples not yet born.
Witness the pillars restructure
the instrument of time
by the power of dragons,
whose wings push together new stars.
For all the old worlds have ended -
the climax had been reached -

Return, return, return.
The one, the two and the million more,
drawn back to the surface of earth,
up into the clouds to be rained back down
psychedelically on the skin of the shepherd,
breaking the damn holding in his sensual fluid -
which then comes into the tilled soil
grazed by the lamb,
springing up from the dirt,
the messiah with breasts and
doves flown free from between her legs.

All the people cried
hallelujah, our savior has come.


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