POETRY MAGICK: Desire Lines // Off & Running

Photography: Jeff Wolfe

Desire Lines

Developed road ends at
housing's edge.
Fires of families warm no further.
A dismal broken chain asks
more than it forbids,
how it hangs ignored to the dirt.

Pavement of man meets ground of
nature that held its line.
Only children still innocent
dare to cross,
and do so unconsciously.

Leather soles take no steps further.
The desire line worn by ages
cuts clear into the horizon,
and tells what concrete conceals.

Men, well past youth
who have lost there way
arrive here in time.

Inhibitions  no longer reign
when convention means death.
A summons so great, just beyond,
like an echo of recesses past.

In answering,
the iron gates of protected heart
separate - let loose like the sound
of bird flocks suddenly past over.

Fearlessly, feet contact sopped earth
that holds memory of deluge.
Strategic steps surrender to carelessness
as petrichor intoxicates.

Released oils, so fine and sweet.
The damage to grass is done.
Not unlike human's soul weathered
by elements.

The silence plays songs unheard
since creation.
Trees spread out and hang
in divine disorder.

A dramatic stage set
that reminisces the birth of Adam.
Despite glory and beauty,
the day is dying.
Flames of light fall
in the distance.

Helios in his retreat crowns
a naked Bristlecone Pine,
enormous as a jötunn.

Gathered into it's gravity, whole worlds
exist along it's deep lines.
Core touched roots
carry strength of gods through to
unearthed body that stretches vertically to Heaven.

Up close, a canal of darkness
has formed at the stomach of the beast.
Defying proportion, bodies have been swallowed inside.

As a portal, it beckons to men,
materially punished and disenchanted.
Having foresworn possessions and
status previously known,
an option to reenter cave of birth opens.

Primordial blackness promises
nothing at the gate
while ordinary fate behind is certain.
Standing there, a final page blank,
goodbyes best left unsaid.

For the brave, eucatastrophe presents
only once, if that.
Living bark and branch
subsume him quietly.
Still yet to be seen among the town again.

He left with a grimace
unacknowledged by neighbors
who lay the last logs of the night
upon the hearth.

Their children bedded down
to the sounds of fires crackle.

Off & Running

It was afternoon when on foot
all alone, a sudden assault of mind
broke through with rough hands.
Shaken and startled,
I ran into a thicket
not before seen.

Mental defenses against dread,
fell a sudden drop.
As the mysterious mood struck
new ground unearthed
so unfamiliar .

In my flight,
untethered to mind and
ordering principles,
many moments or even hours
were lost.

Day to quick night
and body then empty,
held upon a tree for fresh breath.
My eyes came to focus on
unworldly sights.

disfigured and gargantuan
sang nursery rhymes.
Dirt turned yellow on the ground.
An attempt to gather my wits
did nothing to rearrange those surreal surroundings.
Flowers of all colors at various size
communicated to me their awareness.

My senses played with me
as if escaped into
a dream.
A new fear then arrived
much like panic but
profound and curious.

Light as I expected from the moon
did not hold its ordinary place
but rather appeared to move about,
taking up positions all around.

And this was still not all that was disorienting.
My legs were unable to run
but made way slowly
as into a deep ocean
accompanied by directionless fright
of alien terrain.

Time itself displayed maddeningly quick
among the grass and plants,
simultaneously snail like inside myself.
Spotted from the corners of my eyes,
little people dressed in purple spied.

Where I walked,
they followed.
Giggled from behind.
I must have seemed so silly
at my height.

Hardly able to catch my breath,
it seemed like I was
a million miles from home.
Foot trails changed directions,
bug-eyed furry creatures
peered from either which way.

Ground changed color from moment to moment.
Eventually I reached
a pool of water near a fork in the road
and my reflection revealed
I wasn't any longer
who I was.

Birds as big as planes circled overhead,
little elven men in the distance
bid me to chase
but I rode the ferry across instead.

And that might have been my mistake.
Into a cave I then went
where I dwell still.
Sending out communiques on clouds.

The Fae since taught me all there is to know.
I dread to ever return.

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