A Jack Parsons Foursome on Occulture

Little did I know that starting this humble little blog would lead to a chance to talk with one of my favorite authors and chroniclers of the counterculture. Author of the cyber-gnostic classic, TechGnosis, Erik Davis, is one of a handful of personalities and thinkers that have shaped my thinking at this stage in my life. I'm sure that sounds really weird to him but I'm sure he has his own influences that resonate powerfully with his sensibilities.

Aside from his incredible writings, I think that being connected to his weekly podcast, Expanding Mind has plugged me into not only his way of thinking but the vision of so many of his killer guests.
Honestly, there were certain weeks of my life where I was lost and down and popping on one of his shows revived me. 

What really strikes me about Davis is his way of being deeply immersed in a plethora of alternative spiritual and cultural currents while not proclaiming an exclusive membership to any one tradition or mode. This way of being and experience is something I've been more and more inclined to embrace as part of my own non-conformist orientation. 

That being said, it was a thrill to get the email to participate in an interview with Erik to discuss his essays about NASA legend and Thelemite Jack Parsons. Being the iconoclast that Parsons was, the discussion covers everything from California, feminist witchcraft, Aleister Crowley and of course rocket science. The great thing about all that was that it opened doors to other topics like Philip K. Dick, the dystopia of our social media age and Erik's personal ideas about spiritual seeking and practice. You also get to hear him speak more subjectively about his hopes and apprehensions than is the norm when he largely speaks and writes as a commentator or observer.

It was also awesome to converse and learn from another writer/podcaster I highly admire, Miguel Conner of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio. His expertise on Gnosticism is incredible and his commentary on Barbelo's possible correlation to Babylon during this episode is truly fascinating.  

I have to thank Ryan for starting his Occulture Podcast and thinking of me for this fantastic line-up. The discussion left my mind buzzing for a week after and even lead to a personal essay from me about the beauty of analog experiences

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